Cross stitch design

Written by Gladys Box

I have written this e-Book on Cross Stitch and Photo conversion work to teach people how easy it is to convert a photo into a chart. there are over 90 graphics inrepparttar book showing each

Easy E-Book Promotion Tips

Written by Lisa Maliga

Once your e-book is sold and onrepparttar publisher’s web site, don’t expectrepparttar 108521 sales to come rolling in. Unless you have a huge network of family and friends with credit cards and PayPal accounts atrepparttar 108522 ready, you’re not likely to rack up much inrepparttar 108523 way of sales without promoting your book.

Here are five tips to getting people to notice your novel or non-fiction book and click onto that site and stock up on your title[s].

The Signature Line. [AKA Sig Line]. Unlikerepparttar 108524 scrawl that many authors use to sign their correspondence and autographed copies,repparttar 108525 Signature Line isrepparttar 108526 blurb you always add torepparttar 108527 bottom of your e-mail. The best Signature Lines have your name or pseudonym,repparttar 108528 URL of your book, a catchy one or two-sentence blurb, and your homepage address [if you have one]. Acceptable lengths range from two to six lines. You’ll need to experiment with what type of font to use, and if there should be color or not. Sometimes you can use two different fonts. For example,repparttar 108529 Amazone BT, Kaufmann, Lucida Handwriting or Park Avenue fonts make terrific simulations of handwriting. The choice of lettering is vast and it can help reflectrepparttar 108530 tone of your book. Creepy isrepparttar 108531 name ofrepparttar 108532 “blood-dripping” font, and Curlz MT is commonly used to invite younger visitors. WONTON ICG can add an Oriental touch and Storybook might help that fantasy or romance novel attract more interested readers.

However, not all e-mail programs are able to discern unique fonts/colors so don’t overdo it! What all e-mail addresses should be able to pick up isrepparttar 108533 URL. This should be written out in its entirety, always beginning with To link your book torepparttar 108534 WWW at large, make certain it goes to your author page. Sending a person to and expecting them to find your book will cost you potential buyers. People online have very short attention spans. Always make it as easy for them to find your book as possible.

Another way to make your signature line stand out is by adding some of your deathless prose inrepparttar 108535 form of a blurb. For my soap making book, THE JOY OF MELT & POUR SOAP MAKING, I came up with just six words: ‘Buy it today … make suds tomorrow!’ Sometimes you’ll want to use a quote directly from your e-book, or a line of dialogue. Movie posters are excellent sources of inspiration. Think ofrepparttar 108536 memorable line from STAR WARS -- “Mayrepparttar 108537 force be with you” or “A hero will rise” fromrepparttar 108538 recent Academy award-winning movie GLADIATOR.

Your Own Web Page or Web Site. Any e-book author must be able to communicate to potential online buyers that not only are they a legitimately published writer, but what their book is about. Whether you choose to have a single page offering a description of your book or go to a flashy web site with room to highlight not only your book,repparttar 108539 first chapter or two, a guestbook, links, chatroom, your favorite recipes, etc., your budget may be such that going with a free web host is all you can afford. While Writers’ Web Designs offers very reasonable design and hosting rates, Tripod, GeoCities, AOL and MSN, along with many others, don’t charge you a penny to have a web presence. Whether you have a hankering to work with HTML or want a simple site that’s as easy as AOL’s 1-2-3 Publish, that decision is yours. Surfrepparttar 108540 web, particularly other writers’ web sites, and see how each author has a unique place onrepparttar 108541 Internet. When designing yours, always remember your goal: to sell copies of your e-book[s].

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