Cross Country Motorcycle Riding

Written by The Motor Bookstore

Cross country motorcycle riding is an incredibly exhilarating feeling. The pungent smell of pines tingle your nose asrepparttar highway glides past beneath your feet. Trees line either side ofrepparttar 136792 road flash by like a dark picket fence topped with green. Sunlight dances throughrepparttar 136793 treetops drenchingrepparttar 136794 gray-black highway in irregular shapes and patterns. The mountain air is fresh and clean as it pours into your lungs and tugs at your jacket and pants.

Much ofrepparttar 136795 hypnotic engine roar trails behind you like a jet vapor trail. Few things can matchrepparttar 136796 joy ofrepparttar 136797 open road while riding a well-tuned bike. The afternoon is made even better withrepparttar 136798 knowing thatrepparttar 136799 trip has only begun. Days and miles of highway lay yet ahead.

If you enjoyrepparttar 136800 outdoors, motorcycle travel is a great way to seerepparttar 136801 country. You can soak uprepparttar 136802 fresh air and sunshine as you drive downrepparttar 136803 highway. You have a much greater sense of being a part of your surroundings while riding a motorcycle. You feel you can almost reach out and touchrepparttar 136804 beauty of roadside flowers, trees and wildlife.

There is also a special feeling of freedom and exhilaration that comes from racing downrepparttar 136805 highway withrepparttar 136806 power ofrepparttar 136807 engine roaring between your legs andrepparttar 136808 wind in your face. That feeling cannot be matched with any other form of travel.

Motorcycle travel is more than justrepparttar 136809 scenery andrepparttar 136810 sense of freedom. It is alsorepparttar 136811 people you meet alongrepparttar 136812 way. Bike riders are part of a select community of people. They invariably wave to one another when they meet alongrepparttar 136813 highway. At rest stops and restaurants bikers go out of their way to meet and greet one another. As strangers they recognize they are members of this unique society. They exchange information aboutrepparttar 136814 highway ahead, weather conditions, and motorcycle maintenance tips. If a rider breaks down or gets into some travel-related difficulty, another motorcycle rider is almost sure to come along and offer help.

There are certain precautions that should be taken when motorcycle touring, however.

• First, make surerepparttar 136815 bike is serviced and tuned up before departing on a long trip. Breaking down alongrepparttar 136816 highway is a lonely and sickening feeling. This includes checking your tires and making sure they are in good to excellent condition.

• Second, weather is always an issue when riding a motorcycle. Make sure you tuck a warm jacket and gloves in a saddle bag or in your trailer. Along with warm clothing you should also make sure you have rain gear. Rain somewhere alongrepparttar 136817 trip is almost guaranteed.

• Third, you will want to keep a plan of your route handy. An easy way to do this is to print a computer generated map of your trip and keep it in a plastic document protector or laminated in plastic. You can tape this torepparttar 136818 tank or keep in a saddle bag for easy reference during rest stops. Another excellent way to keep on route, especially if you are a gadget hound, is with a GPS.

Volkswagen Passat 2005: Body and Chassis for Volkswagen Parts at Parts Train

Written by Jenny Mc Lane

The Volkswagen Passat 2005 features a powerful design. The new VW face with its chrome radiator representsrepparttar greatest design progression sincerepparttar 136780 creation ofrepparttar 136781 series.

The new Passat is 4.77 metres long (+ 62mm), 1.82 metres wide (+ 74mm) and 1.47 metres tall (+ 10 mm). The wheelbase measures 2.71 metres. One real indicator of outstanding quality isrepparttar 136782 static torsional stiffness. .

Volkswagen is usingrepparttar 136783 FSI engines with homogeneous direct injection forrepparttar 136784 first time inrepparttar 136785 Passat. They deliver 85kW / 115hp, 110kW / 150hp and 147kW / 200hp (Turbo FSI).

The Passat TDI will also be available with a diesel particulate filter. The most powerful TDI featuresrepparttar 136786 innovative Piezo high-pressure unit-injector system. The petrol engines with outputs of 85kW / 115hp, 110kW / 150hp and 147kW / 200hp can be optionally combined with a driver-friendly six-speed automatic gearbox

Using aluminum components (weight: -13.3 kilogrammes) guarantee a maximum level of agility, comfort and safety, it has new four-link rear axle, which has been decoupled fromrepparttar 136787 body to reduce noise, along withrepparttar 136788 McPherson front.

The chassis technology has been perfected withrepparttar 136789 ESP + Trailer Stabilizations that comes as standard on all vehicles with a tow bar. All Passats have 16-inch brakes with an integrated “wiper” function. The brake pads are applied lightly at specific intervals. This “wipes away” any water film that may have formed while driving on wet surfaces and thus shortensrepparttar 136790 braking distance.

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