Croquet Courting

Written by Peter Jay

Is Croquet a good courting or dating activity? Inrepparttar eighteen-hundreds, youth inrepparttar 138554 British Empire and colonies used croquet as a means of courting. It was a chance for young men and young ladies to spend time together out onrepparttar 138555 playing field without their ever watchful and over protective bourgeois parents looking over their shoulders and observing everything they do and say. But is it still a good dating activity today? I thought so, until I played with “Mallet Girl.” I do not recall Mallet Girl’s real name, so I will just refer to her as Mallet Girl. So, anyway, Mallet Girl and I went on a group date to a park to play some pleasant and casual American backyard poison croquet. Everything was going fine, until half way throughrepparttar 138556 game when it was Mallet Girl’s turn to hit her ball. She was several wickets behind me and about thirty feet away. I was a safe distance from Mallet Girl, and I was inrepparttar 138557 lead, and thought that I did not have anything to worry about. The sun was shining brightly inrepparttar 138558 partly cloudy but mostly blue sky. A cool breeze rattledrepparttar 138559 leaves inrepparttar 138560 trees. Indeed, I was in a world of nearly perfect tranquility. From my safe distance I calmly stood there peering out ofrepparttar 138561 corner of my eye as Mallet Girl pulled her club back to take a swing. It looked more like a swing to hit a baseball than a croquet ball, or a drive swing in golf. Anyway, Mallet Girl swung at full force. Her ball went rolling acrossrepparttar 138562 grass as intended, but suddenly, and before I could react, yet in slow motion, I beheldrepparttar 138563 end of her mallet floating acrossrepparttar 138564 grass toward me. It was going so fast it traveledrepparttar 138565 entire thirty feet without losing any altitude. The end of her mallet streamlined toward me, a foot aboverepparttar 138566 grass, slamming into my shin… Whack! leaving me scarcely enough time to jump.

The Australian Great Barrier Reef

Written by Jakob Jelling

The Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, is a diving area in which experienced and non experienced divers can equally find a suitable activity. Any visitor who goes to Australia and loves diving, no matter what they experience level is, should visitrepparttar Great Barrier Reef since he surely will be able to have a great time in it.

This Australian diving area also hasrepparttar 138532 advantage of its great location. The Australian Great Barrier Reef is situated near Cairns or divers' "jump off point" which also has an international airport from where visitors can fly anywhere as well as come from any point they wish. This way, this area constantly receives visitors fromrepparttar 138533 entire world and those divers who wish to visit Australia should have into account this spot as a not only very interesting one but also very convenient regarding transportation.

Divers and snorkelers can equally find an interesting area where to practice their activities since there is a wide range of water sports available at this area. This way, visitors of all preferences and skills levels are always welcome torepparttar 138534 Great Barrier Reef area and can always be sure to find something interesting to do.

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