Cricket Tips: Visualisation: The Key to Cricket Success?

Written by Ian Canaway

An excellent cricket tip I picked up isrepparttar power of visualisation. It is a skill which is often neglected by cricketers. For batsmen, bowlers and fielders at any level ofrepparttar 150802 game it is an important skill that should be mastered.

Visualisation or guided imagery is a very powerful technique that can help increase both your efficiency and effectiveness in achieving your cricket goals, whether it would be scoring one hundred runs, playing a perfect cover drive or taking that vital wicket or catch.

“You must see your goals clearly and specifically before you can set out for them. Hold them in your mind until they become second nature.” --Les Brown--

All top class athletes utilise visualisation to mentally rehearse what they have to do and how they are going to achieve it. By doing this they train their minds and bodies to actually performrepparttar 150803 skill as effectively and efficiently as possible.

For example, before batting Ricky Ponting will have visualised every stroke and shot in his many inning’s this season which have netted him an average of over one hundred so far this season.

When you begin to use visualisation techniques, you want to mentally create a vivid scene in you mind of your wanted outcome. You want this scene to be as detailed and clear as possible, you need to be able to see, feel and smell your success.

Actually visualise your success, picture yourself taking that critical wicket or scoring that winning run. Visualise whatever you want your desired situation to be, how it feels, what your emotions are, imagine being inrepparttar 150804 situation and succeeding.

The Basics Of Learning Golf

Written by Bud Bradley

Golf is one of Americas most popular sports. People of all ages want to play golf. Without learning golf, one cannot play golf properly. You need to learnrepparttar basics ofrepparttar 150648 game and then practice them to become proficient.

For learning it, you have to join a Golf Academy, which has allrepparttar 150649 required facilities. Apart fromrepparttar 150650 common facilities,repparttar 150651 academy should have good instructors, whererepparttar 150652 learner can have personal attention.

This is very important for a beginner because he may have lot of questions and unless one gets one to one interaction withrepparttar 150653 instructor, he may not feel comfortable. Getting personalized attention such as one to one, though ideal but may be difficult. Therefore, you should be happy if you get an acceptable ratio of three or four to one.

Instructor Isrepparttar 150654 Key

Learning Golf from an instructor having following traits would be ideal, because he isrepparttar 150655 one who will not only teach you ABCs ofrepparttar 150656 game but will take you torepparttar 150657 next levels one by one.

1. The Instructor should be able to chalk out a personal plan and then he should ensure thatrepparttar 150658 plan works as

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