Credibility - 10 Ways to Build it on your Website

Written by Laurie Winslow

If you have your own business website and you are trying to sell something, then it is imperative that you are able to establish and maintain credibility. Why is this important? If you are going to ask someone to make a purchase from you, then you need to show them why they should purchase from you rather then your competitor on another site. If you are able to achieve credibility then you will be miles ahead of your competition. So many websites are missing this vital element of doing business. A fancy website with bells and whistles is nothing if it cannot make a sale. I will show you 10 simple things that you can do on your site to establish credibility.

10 Credibility Tips:

1. Be consistent in everything you do and say on your website. If you change your policies allrepparttar time people will mistrust you. State your values and policies clearly on your website.

2. Put your customer first. This is done by writing specific text geared toward your customers about satisfaction guarantee, refund policies, frequently asked questions, and any other pertinent information. Tell them why they should buy from you and not someone else. What do you have to offer thatrepparttar 147954 others do not.

3. Only offer high quality products and services. You do not want to sell substandard items as although you might make an immediate sale you will not gain repeat business. Repeat business isrepparttar 147955 key to profits. Offer guarantees and refunds.

4. When advertising staterepparttar 147956 truth. Do not embellish and make claims that are false. If your customer is not satisfied atrepparttar 147957 end ofrepparttar 147958 sale because of overstated claims you will loose trust and future business.

5. Use testimonials. Contact past customers and ask for their opinion and post it on your site. Testimonials add validity to your products and make it easier to justifyrepparttar 147959 purchase.

Get the Internet on Your Own Terms

Written by Chris Ellington

RSS forrepparttar Rest of Us

I don't know about you, but I'm seeing a whole bunch of articles and websites telling me that I need to get into this RSS thing.

Is it really time?

RSS (it stands for "Really Simple Syndication") isrepparttar 147953 latest wave of internet technology designed to take advantage ofrepparttar 147954 "Content is King" mentality. Imagine getting direct access torepparttar 147955 content you want, without having to give out your personal information. Wouldn't that be nice?

Here's how it works: You find a website you like and look forrepparttar 147956 little orange XML button, or a link that says "Syndicate this site". When you click that link, you getrepparttar 147957 raw feed of content from that site.

An example: My Simplified Selling site allows you to syndicate my content. That means you don't have to remember to visit my site to discovers articles of interest, but instead they are fed to your preferred RSS reader (more on this in a moment) at your behest.

That means you no longer have to open your browser and visit a particular website to see what's new, to find out if anything interesting has been posted. All you have to do is open your RSS reader and content from all overrepparttar 147958 web is gathered into one place and presented for your review. An RSS reader is one-stop shopping for online information.

RSS Readers There are hundreds of RSS readers onrepparttar 147959 market. You can collect RSS Feeds on your "My Yahoo!" page, or your "MyMSN" page. Current, updated content from your preferred sites is presented for your reading pleasure. Checkrepparttar 147960 first few lines and if you're interested, just click and you are instantly transported to that particular article. No more hunting around on a site looking for an article you like.

Newsgator ( is a third-party add-in that turns your Outlook mail client into an RSS reader. Not to be outdone, Microsoft has incorporated an RSS reader intorepparttar 147961 latest release of Outlook.

You can also get stand-alone RSS readers from Bloglines ( and ( A quick Google search for "RSS Reader" returned over 2 million pages. You'll have no trouble finding an RSS reader that you like.

But why? That's reallyrepparttar 147962 question. Of course we know whyrepparttar 147963 internet folks want you to subscribe to their content, but why wouldrepparttar 147964 average websurfer want to go throughrepparttar 147965 hassle of setting up and subscribing to RSS feeds?

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