Creativity as a treasure hunt

Written by Angela Booth

Itís not enough to be creative, you have to be creative at something.

Creativity is a doing, rather than a being. The doing comes from discovering goals, and achieving them. I say discovering goals, rather than setting goals, because weíre good at setting goals--- New Yearís resolutions spring to mind---but then forgetting all about them.

Usually we forget aboutrepparttar goals we set as New Year's resolutions becauserepparttar 117499 goals, although worthwhile in themselves, weren't "real" for us. We didn't explorerepparttar 117500 goals deeply, and therefore didn't have any deep motivation to achieve those goals.

Motivation is all-important for creativity. If you're highly motivated to achieve a goal, you'll shock yourself with how creatively you set about achievingrepparttar 117501 goal. For example, imagine you're atrepparttar 117502 beach. You watch a friend swimming out beyondrepparttar 117503 surf. Suddenly, you see a shadow onrepparttar 117504 water, and you realize it's a shark. You're highly motivated to get your friend out ofrepparttar 117505 water, and you'll be creative in your efforts to achieve that goal.

This kind of deep motivation is important for any creative task. The successful achievement ofrepparttar 117506 task has to matter to you.

To discover what your goals are, you need to ask yourself questions

The questions you ask arenít important. However, it is important that they be open-ended questions. That is, that they have more than one answer, and that they lead to other questions.

Asking yourself questions opens you to possibilities. Chances are, that unless you develop a program of systematically asking yourself questions, you will never discover allrepparttar 117507 possibilities your life holds.

Asking questions is a simple technique, yet itís immensely powerful. Itísrepparttar 117508 heart of creativity. Up torepparttar 117509 age of eight, all kids are creative. They ask all kinds of questions. Theyíre determined to findrepparttar 117510 answers, so they experiment in all kinds of creative ways to find them. To a kid, a question is a lot of fun.

To be creative, you need to constantly ask questions, and experiment withrepparttar 117511 answers you come up with. If you do this playfully, not only will you have fun, but you'll improve your life in all kinds of ways.

Your answers to your questions will surprise you. They may even shock you. Great! Ifrepparttar 117512 answers shock you, it means that you're accessing your subconscious, and your creativity lurks in your subconscious mind.

What questions (the treasure map) you wantrepparttar 117513 answers (the treasure) to?

Initially, you'll findrepparttar 117514 question-asking process difficult. As adults, we're not comfortable admitting that we don't know everything. It's important to get intorepparttar 117515 habit of asking questions, so that you stop feeling threatened by questions, and so that not knowingrepparttar 117516 answers stops bothering you.

Doomed to Failure

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Is everyone who tries to do business onrepparttar Web, doomed to failure?

People who invested little or nothing, and receivedrepparttar 117498 same in return may be. They joined AOL, and immediately found their mailbox was overflowing with spam (junk email). They read some ofrepparttar 117499 mail and, believing what they read, bought into a program for $20. They sat back and waited, and waited, and waited and nothing happened.

Losing heart, they quitrepparttar 117500 program and dropped AOL afterrepparttar 117501 free trial period. They now send their email to Aunt Martha, using a free ISP, which is all they really wanted to do fromrepparttar 117502 "get-go".

Some of these people believed many ofrepparttar 117503 offers that wound up in their mailbox, and bought into a few. They then started their free advertising campaign. When that didn't pay off, they started investing in paid advertising. Here a banner, there a banner, everywhere a banner, banner - they quickly learnedrepparttar 117504 reality of banner ads. But with no long term commitment, they folded their tents, cut their losses, and disappeared intorepparttar 117505 night.

The tenacious ones failed at level one and two, but believedrepparttar 117506 hype and invested in an online store. They're likerepparttar 117507 guy who rented a huge vacant brick and mortar building, and then started to think about what he was going to sell. After an awful lot of work and many bucks later, he found out that just having a store isn'trepparttar 117508 key to success onrepparttar 117509 Internet.

So what'srepparttar 117510 scoop? Is everyone doomed to failure?

Of course not - there are a lot of people making money onrepparttar 117511 web. But you have to find your "niche". Unless you have very "deep pockets", like anything, you have to know what you are doing.

If your area of expertise is ornithology, why not consider a web site for bird watchers. With some timely articles that are updated on a regular basis, and a store where you sell items of interest, you just might attract a following.

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