Creative Presentation Openers That Work

Written by Debbie Bailey

Most presenters begin their presentation inrepparttar usual manner…

“Hello my name is Fred Flintstone and I am here today to discuss technology in pre-historic times.”

While your name can be very interesting (especially to you), it is not a very compelling way to begin a presentation. I hate to berepparttar 107965 one to breakrepparttar 107966 news to you, but when you begin this way, audiences usually forget your name and worse yet, they forget YOU!

A great way to begin a presentation is with an attention-getting device that will getrepparttar 107967 audience EXCITED about listening torepparttar 107968 rest of your presentation. Some ofrepparttar 107969 best ways I have found to capturerepparttar 107970 audience’s attention are:

1. Rhetorical Question – A rhetorical question is a question to which no response is needed. Rhetorical questions are designed to be thought provoking, rather than answered out loud. An example of a rhetorical question might be, “If you were trapped on an island and could only have three things, what three things would you choose?” Not only doesrepparttar 107971 audience begin thinking about how they would answer your question—they wonder how this will tie intorepparttar 107972 presentation (which byrepparttar 107973 way, it must) and suddenly—you’ve got them!

2. Relevant Story – Beginning a presentation with a story that directly relates torepparttar 107974 topic is another great way to getrepparttar 107975 audience’s attention. A good story engages our audience’s hearts and minds and immediately draws them in. Make sure thatrepparttar 107976 story is short (using a long story inrepparttar 107977 introduction can compromiserepparttar 107978 flow ofrepparttar 107979 presentation) and makes a strong point. Here’s an example of an introductory story used for a presentation onrepparttar 107980 benefits of a 24 hour Nurse Line. “All of us have had frightening medical situations whererepparttar 107981 help of a registered nurse could come in handy. Let me tell you about a young mother, Marie, who was terrified when her two-month old infant son Sam woke up screaming inrepparttar 107982 middle ofrepparttar 107983 night. He was burning up with a high fever and Marie didn’t know what to do. So she calledrepparttar 107984 Nurse Line and they directed her to put him in a cool bath to bring his body temperature down. They stayed onrepparttar 107985 line with her until she was comfortable that she could handlerepparttar 107986 situation herself. Imagine having that kind of support available to you at all times ofrepparttar 107987 day and night.”

3. Startling Statistic – A startling statistic can be great opener. For a presentation on drunk driving, you might begin with... “Inrepparttar 107988 30 minutes it will take for me to deliver this presentation, one person inrepparttar 107989 U.S. will die in an alcohol related traffic accident.” When using statistics, roundrepparttar 107990 numbers, site your sources, and be sure to present current and accurate information.

4. Analogy – An analogy comparesrepparttar 107991 known torepparttar 107992 unknown, helpingrepparttar 107993 audience better understandrepparttar 107994 unknown. When properly developed and explained, an analogy can be an interesting presentation opener. Here’s an analogy example... “Continuing to use this technology is like being on a lake in a rowboat full of holes—instead of patchingrepparttar 107995 holes, all your time is consumed with scoopingrepparttar 107996 water out ofrepparttar 107997 boat.” You may not understandrepparttar 107998 technology, but now you know unequivocally, that it is like a sinking ship!

Avoid Computer Phone Nightmares aka VoIP

Written by Dee Scrip

Although computer phones, aka VoIP (voice over internet protocol) offerrepparttar most optimal means of communicating when considering quality and cost, free computer phones cause countless problems when unsuspecting victims download their “free” software.

90% of current computer phone providers, whether free or charging you for service, do not have secure lines or patented technology.

What does this mean to you? A lot of money out of your pocket.

On unsecure lines, when you place calls from your PC (IP address) to another PC (IP address), there is nothing in betweenrepparttar 107964 calls to protect you. This leaves you vulnerable to terminal viruses, worms, Trojan horses, unscrupulous hackers, or other uninvited guests who can listen in on your conversations. Anyone inrepparttar 107965 world can access your name and phone number.

Why is that important to you? Ultimately, your computer may become corrupted, causing a costly computer crash, in addition to violating your privacy.

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