Creative Kid Birthday Cake Ideas

Written by Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

A Creative Dream Come True

A hush falls overrepparttar room as you bring out your child's birthday cake.

With candles glowing, your cake masterpiece sits at its place of honor for all to admire asrepparttar 145669 room fills withrepparttar 145670 oohs and aahs of your envious party guests. Your creative birthday cake is wonderful and it fits your party theme perfectly.

Your birthday child makes a wish and your guests join in singingrepparttar 145671 birthday song followed by cheers and applause. Then it's finally time to enjoy a taste of your delicious birthday creation.

Now that'srepparttar 145672 kind of reaction you want for your child's birthday cake!

Kid Birthday Cake Ideas

Let your imagination run wild when you plan your child's birthday cake because just about anything is possible. Here are just a few ideas.

Princess Birthday Cake

Spaceship Birthday Cake

Skate Cake

Butterfly Cake

Ladybug Cake

Hot Dogs and French Fries Cake

Volcano Cake

Bug Mountain Cake

Lego Cake

Madeline's Hat Cake

Princess Castle Cake

Time Management for Stay at Home Parents

Written by Stephanie Foster

People tend to think that being a stay at home parent means you have time to sit in front ofrepparttar TV all day, but anyone who has tried it knows better. Staying at home means getting up early enough to getrepparttar 145668 kids to school, take care of any children not yet in school, cleanrepparttar 145669 house, prepare meals, getrepparttar 145670 children to activities, etc. Itís not an easy or leisurely life.

The first thing to think about are your goals. What do you need to get done each day and what do you want to get done?

Many parents find it useful to have a calendar or day planner in a central place in their home. This allows everyone to see what is coming uprepparttar 145671 next day, week, etc. You may instead prefer to keep your schedule on your computer. Donít feel obligated to userepparttar 145672 system that works for your best friend, husband or anyone else. It needs to work for YOU. This only works if you are consistent about marking your schedule. If not, you will find this to be a very frustrating exercise. However, a good schedule can greatly simplify your planning for each day.

Be realistic about how much time it takes to get any school age children ready for school each day and get yourself and them out of bed appropriately. If you get up a bit earlier thanrepparttar 145673 children, youíll have time to make them breakfast and lunches forrepparttar 145674 school day. Alternatively, makerepparttar 145675 lunchesrepparttar 145676 night before. A good breakfast can be very helpful to your child throughoutrepparttar 145677 day.

To do lists can be very helpful. You might keep a detailed one with everything you need to get done duringrepparttar 145678 day, from feedingrepparttar 145679 baby to pickup uprepparttar 145680 kids from school, or just a simple to do list withrepparttar 145681 activities you do not do regularly listed.

Know your internal schedule. By this, I mean, know when you are most likely to complete certain activities. If you are most inrepparttar 145682 mood for house cleaning first thing inrepparttar 145683 morning, make sure you schedule it immediately. If youíd rather wait until after lunch, do it then. Donít forget to include plenty of time for family activities.

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