Creative Copywriting?

Written by Elaine Currie

There is a difference between creative writing and copywriting. It took me a while to come to terms with this but it's true, there is a difference. When I first started my home based business onrepparttar Internet I read a lot of advice about publishing articles and doing copywriting to advertise your website. There was always a distinction drawn between copywriting and creative writing. I did not understand this: surely copywriting is creative? Eventuallyrepparttar 140348 logic dawned on me: all copywriting is creative writing but not all creative writers can write decent ad copy. If you have never studied that particular branch of philosophy, it's like all roses are flowers but not all flowers are roses.

When I came to understand this difference, it explained for merepparttar 140349 reason why I can write at length on any subject (stopping isrepparttar 140350 hard part) but tell me I need to write an advertisement and I go all bashful and tongue-tied. Give me a subject or, indeed, no subject at all -- just a blank page is sufficient to set me going and I'll hammer away atrepparttar 140351 keyboard until... Until when? Actually, I never really stop, just pause from time to time. Advertising copy is a different matter. I can sit for ages resistingrepparttar 140352 lure ofrepparttar 140353 blank page if I know that what I need to do is copywriting to use for advertising.

This inability to write ad copy caused me problems because I wanted to advertise my home based business and various individual affiliate programmes. Plenty of pre-written ads come with most decent affiliate programmes and it is an easy matter to copy and paste these but I wanted to use fresh material instead of advertisements that everyone had seen a hundred times before. I blame my inability to write advertising copy on my upbringing: modesty and understatement were encouraged and boastfulness wasrepparttar 140354 eleventh deadly sin. It seemed to me that writing advertisements for myself was akin to bragging.

Lower your Phone Bill with your own Telecommunication Business

Written by Randy Wilson

A Telecommunication Business allows yourepparttar possibility of making money every time you pick uprepparttar 140333 phone, or go ontorepparttar 140334 internet. People say it is impossible, but is it. Telephone companies and electric companies have been doing it for over 100 years.

Whenrepparttar 140335 government began to break uprepparttar 140336 telephone companies and made it possible for independent electric companies to compete,repparttar 140337 door was opened to telecommunication business opportunities. This is really not a new type of business, and it not a get rich quick scheme. It is a highly respected and profitable home based business when treated as a business.

You will need to do your research aboutrepparttar 140338 telecommunications industry before anything else. You will technically be buying a franchise, so you may incur start up costs that could be substantial. However, depending onrepparttar 140339 company you decide to go with will changerepparttar 140340 start up costs. Some have no fee to start while others can run intorepparttar 140341 thousands of dollars. See what each company offers and then decide which is best for you.

When looking at these telecommunications companies you want to check several things. One that has been mentioned isrepparttar 140342 start up costs. Check also to see if there are any other fees that are incurred monthly. Another consideration would be compensation, and residual income.

Compensation within each company is different. Their compensation telecommunication business affiliates runs from 0% until you reach a certain level inrepparttar 140343 company, up to 20% fromrepparttar 140344 day you begin. You need to find a compensation plan that is right for you.

You should also look atrepparttar 140345 residual income and see if it is offered. This is income that you will continue to receive even after you retire. There are companies who offer no residual income until you get to a certain level, and other companies that offer it for two generations after your death. You need to be comfortable withrepparttar 140346 residual income before you decide.

You should also consider what servicesrepparttar 140347 company will offer to your customers. Each company offers general telecommunication services for their affiliates, but some offer additional services and have plans to expand. Check all of this out before deciding onrepparttar 140348 company.

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