Creating a solid, diversified investment-Simpler! Safer!

Written by jinsong

Creating a solid, diversified investment portfolio isn't easy. FeederFund aims to make that process not only simpler but a whole lot safer as well, by sifting throughrepparttar plethora of international opportunities and selecting only those with a proven track record of excellent returns, that are well managed forrepparttar 144622 long term and that haverepparttar 144623 integrity to place their investors priorities first.

Most of these investment opportunities have higher minimums, sometimes as low as $5,000, but often $20,000 or even $50,000. The FeederFund allows its Members to participate in these bona fide programs through a pool fund with a far smaller minimum requirement.

A FeederFund Member hasrepparttar 144624 choice of placing amounts down to a minimum of $50, with any ofrepparttar 144625 programs thatrepparttar 144626 FeederFund is associated with. The Member receives 75% ofrepparttar 144627 net monthly return and ofrepparttar 144628 remainder, 15% is retained byrepparttar 144629 FeederFund and 10% is paid out through a Referral system.

The FeederFund only supports programs that will provide full disclosure on their Principals and investments, and which pass our stringent due diligence and risk analysis. We are actively invested in and further investigating some 30 international regulated and unregulated investments. Many ofrepparttar 144630 successful program investment managers have become our personal friends and we keep in very close contact with any program we associate with. Select an Associated Program fromrepparttar 144631 menu to find out more detailed information about them, including their past performance.

Online Parties with a Twist

Written by Kara Kelso

Online Parties with a Twist

We know once you have a room full of guests at your online party, getting them to play games isrepparttar easy part. While hunting for answers to your game, a guest hasrepparttar 144474 chance to see some products they simply cannot do without, thus making you sales!

We also know from experience that gettingrepparttar 144475 visitors torepparttar 144476 party inrepparttar 144477 first place is like pulling teeth. We have given some ideas to increase your party and really being able to talk with your future customers in a chat room isrepparttar 144478 best. However, for those that you'll never see inrepparttar 144479 chat room here is a way to increase some party-like sales without having to hold an actual party.

After you build your list of potential customers (and if you don't have one - stop right here and do that FIRST. YOUR list of potential customers is your most valuable asset in business!), play a game with them via email. Announce on a Monday or even Friday (and you can test which days getrepparttar 144480 best responses)repparttar 144481 start of a contest by email. Focus on a specific type of products like you would at your party, and set up some type of questions that can be emailed to you. Be sure to cover some good points about your products in a casual way (you know your subscribers want to get down torepparttar 144482 contest part of this, so don't overload them with ads!). You can set this up in any way you wish really, just as long as it's something interactive you can do with them.

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