Creating a Successful Electronic Newsletter!

Written by Daryl Clark

You are probably thinking you really don't need to start a newsletter. After all,repparttar Internet is swamped with people offering them. There are thousands perhaps millions of newsletters out there.

Why should you offer an electronic newsletter at your web site?

It isrepparttar 124411 easiest way to get free advertising and promotional information to a "targeted" base of consumers. Whenever we send out our newsletter, we always receive numerous hits and repeat traffic within 30 minutes ofrepparttar 124412 newsletter being sent out. If you sell tangible products, you can expect 5 - 10 product orders within that same time frame, if you have a promotional offer that creates urgency.

No other advertising method allows you to reach such a wide base of people throughoutrepparttar 124413 world, so affordably and so quickly. If you don't have a web site yet, prepare to start a newsletter when you put your web site up. If you have a web site already and you don't have a newsletter, START ONE TODAY!

How are you going to get someone to subscribe to your newsletter and what do you put in it? Here are a few pointers about successful newsletters. 1. Newsletters should be content driven. We believe a good newsletter should excite, educate and entertain. Some of our peers might disagree, they say that a newsletter should only promote. We think promotion is an essential part of a newsletter but should not berepparttar 124414 sole component. You can write about things relevant to your business or you can feature articles from professionals in your field. You can also do a combination of both.

2. A newsletter should be Opt-In or (permission based). Don't get over excited about launching your web site by sending out a bunch of e-mail's promoting your site and newsletter to news groups or user lists. This is not only bad Internet manners but it is bad business.

3. Locaterepparttar 124415 "subscribe button" to your newsletter in a prominent part of your home page, that is virtually impossible to miss. If you need an example of this, go to our home page at

Still trying to succeed online without a listserver? It ain't gonna happen!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Your #1 online success tool is a listserver. If you don't have one you are NEVER going to succeed online. Here's why.

A listserver is a handy piece of software which enables you, atrepparttar press of a single button, to deliver a message to every single person on any given list. The listserver is important becauserepparttar 124410 list it delivers messages to is important. Indeed, I'll go so far as to say:repparttar 124411 business is your list,repparttar 124412 list is your business.

Companies which are making money online are making money because they're 1) building their crucial email list and 2) using a listserver to deliver regular messages to it.

What can these messages be?

* a company newsletter * information about products and services * usage information, so that customers get more value from what they buy * specials, sales, offers, discount coupons, etc..

In short,repparttar 124413 listserver enables you to runrepparttar 124414 most customer- centered business imaginable, keeping your vital information in front of prospects in ways impossible inrepparttar 124415 "real world" and for a trifling cost.

When you've got a listserver, you're able to wake up inrepparttar 124416 morning with a dandy idea for motivating your prospects... sit down at your computer and write your client-centered message (or reuse a message that has worked for you inrepparttar 124417 past), and, by hitting a single button, get that message out IMMEDIATELY to every single person on your list. Want to update prospects inrepparttar 124418 afternoon? No problem! Create another message and send it out to your list! Your prospects will have it in minutes!

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