Creating Successful Ad Copy!

Written by Harry Husted

Creating successful ad copy is important torepparttar success of your company or web site. Withoutrepparttar 101113 right structure or word format your chances of selling your products or services are slim to none.

One ofrepparttar 101114 most important aspects to writing killer copy is you first must really believe in your product or service. If you donít, forget it. If you truly believe your product or service is something very special, everything you write, say, or do with it will be done with enthusiasm. This enthusiasm will be read in your sales letter, literature, and even in your ad copy.

Here are some tips that will help to make your ads stand out:

1. Makerepparttar 101115 ad enticing.

2. Use short words and short sentences if possible. People canít and wonít read long complicated copy.

3. Make sure every sentence flows into another. Explain who you are, what your product is and what benefitsrepparttar 101116 buyer will get out of usingrepparttar 101117 product or your service.

4. Get testimonials and publish them. This will create credibility for you and your business.

5. Write your ad like you are talking to somebody, not at them. Use informal language and keep it simple and easy to understand.

6. Make sure all your information is clear, concise, effective and error free.

7. Rememberrepparttar 101118 acronym AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). You must write your copy to grab your customer's attention. Then create interest in your product or service. Once you have sparkedrepparttar 101119 personís interest then stir in him or her desire for your product. You can do this by using carefully selected words. Then, of course after all this you need to cause him or her to take action. You need to stimulate in themrepparttar 101120 need to take action.

8. Use "FREE' in your ads, especially when offering information.

9. Describe your products using benefits rather than features. For example, donít say "this xxxx has a, b, c and d" instead say xxxx will save you time and money because it has a, b and c features. Remember, your customer only cares about what it will do for them. Show them how your product is a solution to their problem. Here is an example of what Iím talking about: Did you buy a car with air conditioning just because it had a/c or because it would keep you very cool and comfortable on hot days? Did you buy it because it had antilock brakes and airbags, or because it was very safe for you and your family?

A New Breed of Autoresponder, Auto Message Setup

Written by Beka Ruse

The concept ofrepparttar follow up autoresponder revolutionized Internet Marketing. Now, "Auto Message Setup" promises to bringrepparttar 101112 field an even greater degree of efficiency.

This recent innovation lets experienced marketers painlessly transfer marketing know-how to their entire downlines. A marketer can now provide each of his downline representatives with a follow up autoresponse system that is already packaged withrepparttar 101113 marketer's pre-written messages.

The result? Just a few minutes of work onrepparttar 101114 part of an experienced marketer, and each of his reps is set up withrepparttar 101115 same tried and true marketing messages.

--------------------------------- Case Study: Marketer Matt andrepparttar 101116 New Breed ---------------------------------

For example, take a look atrepparttar 101117 case of a fictional network marketer named Matt M:

For years, Matt has been successfully marketing All Natural Pharmaceuticals using a follow up autoresponder. In fact, much of his success can be attributed torepparttar 101118 set of seven messages e-mailed to all of his potential customers. Matt has carefully crafted those messages overrepparttar 101119 years, and they're really great.

Recently, Matt has been trying to pass what he's learned along to his downline representatives. He explains his marketing principles overrepparttar 101120 phone, and he knows that several of his reps pass his follow up messages around amongst themselves.

However, Matt finds that his pearls of wisdom rarely survive this 'telling and retelling' intact. He knows his reps aren't getting anywhere near what they could out of his knowledge. He wishes there were a way to harness today's technology, and put it to use forrepparttar 101121 greater good of his downline...

--------------------------------- Enter Auto Message Setup ---------------------------------

Using an Auto Message Setup system, Matt's downline reps can order their own follow up autoresponse accounts that are already packaged with Matt's pre-written messages. They can reaprepparttar 101122 fruits of Matt's experience with ease.

Each rep will customize Matt's messages for himself by logging in to his new follow up autoresponder account, and entering his own contact information.

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