Creating Secure Online Backups

Written by Emil Malmberg

Today, many pc users are storing files onrepparttar Internet by using some free online storage service. While these online locations can easily be used to store backups as well, you should be very careful when sending sensitive documents and emails acrossrepparttar 107845 Internet. Since bandwidth and storage space is often limited, you should also consider compressingrepparttar 107846 data before sending it to a remote server.

Encryption When transmitting private information across public networks likerepparttar 107847 Internet, some kind of encryption is absolutely critical. Becauserepparttar 107848 internet consists of millions of computers connected together by an incredibly amount of wire, satellite and radio connections, there is no way of knowing who will be listening to your datastreams as they are transmitted acrossrepparttar 107849 network. The only way to ensure that no one will be able to access your data is to encryptrepparttar 107850 datastream before it leaves your computer. Sometimes this is done by your browser using secure connections, but to ensure thatrepparttar 107851 data is always encrypted your should encryptrepparttar 107852 files yourself. WinBackup allows you to encrypt backups using up to 256 bit AES encryption, making it virtually impossible for anyone to accessrepparttar 107853 contents of your online backups. Since encryption is performed on-the-fly backup operations will be performed quickly and easily even when use strong encryption is used. To create an online backup using WinBackup you simply select an appropriate security level and startrepparttar 107854 backup. The result will be a single compressed and encrypted file than can safely be transmitted to your online backup location.

CD Backup Made Easy

Written by Emil Malmberg

Today, CD Writers are very common and CDRs and CDRWs are cheaper than ever. While most people use their CD Writers to create music CDs or to copy files, CD-R and CD-RWs can also be to store backups in an easy way. A normal CD can store 650MBs of data. This number can often be doubled to 1.3GB using an efficient compression algorithm. Since most backups are often smaller than 1.3GBs this makes CDRs or CDRWs a perfect solution for storing backups.

Compression In order to userepparttar CD media more efficiently you will probably want to compress your backup before writing it torepparttar 107844 CD. Compression can often reducerepparttar 107845 size of a backup by 50% or more, doublingrepparttar 107846 capacity of your CDs. If you have ever tried to compress a 1GB file you probably know that this will take a lot of time. Since WinBackup compresses files on-the-fly, backup operations will be performed considerably faster. The built-in compression also reducesrepparttar 107847 need for a large temporary storage location and makes it much easier to run large backups to CD-R or CD-RW discs.

Encryption When storing backups on CDs, security can easily become a problem. Since CDs can easily get lost or even stolen, you will need to protect your backups from unauthorized access by using some kind of password protection or encryption. Backups often contains emails, important documents and other sensitive information, and in fact, if you backup your entire harddrive, your backup could even contain passwords to computers and websites. WinBackup allows you to password protect and encrypt your backups with 128 or 256 bit AES encryption, making it virtually impossible for anyone else to access your files. Since encryption can be performed automatically on all backups you do not need to worry about security every time to save a backup to CD.

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