Creating Search Engine Friendly Web Sites

Written by Lester Boey

With tons of competition and copycats online, you need a trustworthy search engine expert to help you tacklerepparttar competition and outdo your competitors in internet sales. There are many ways to go about killingrepparttar 128087 competition online and as long as it is honest work by your search engine guy, your web site will reap profits from it.

Millions of people use search engines to find products and services online and many global companies grew from merely having a web site and search engine expert. To be precise, there are about 20 web pages added torepparttar 128088 web every second. 85% of internet users use search engines to search for products and services online. With so many websites, how are your potential customers able to find your products and services?

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step Eight: Link Building

Written by Dave Davies

Welcome to part eight in this search engine positioning series. Last week we discussed website submissions. In part eight we will be coveringrepparttar importance of link building and developing inbound links to your website.

This is arguably on ofrepparttar 128086 most important aspect ofrepparttar 128087 SEO process and can meanrepparttar 128088 difference between first page rankings and 100th. It has to be done right and it has to be done on an ongoing basis.

Over this series we will coverrepparttar 128089 ten key aspects to a solid search engine positioning campaign.

The Ten Steps We Will Go Through Are:

1. Keyword Selection ( 2. Content Creation ( 3. Site Structure ( 4. Optimization ( 5. Internal Linking ( 6. Human Testing ( 7. Submissions ( 8. Link Building 9. Monitoring 10. The Extras

Step Eight – Link Building

Link building: it’s pretty much understood that this is a critical component when you’re trying to attain top search engine positioning howeverrepparttar 128090 confusion enters when it’s time to decide exactly what you should do.

From talk about reciprocal link building one might come to believe that this isrepparttar 128091 golden egg of SEO. While reciprocal link building can definitely be beneficial to your rankings it is far fromrepparttar 128092 only or evenrepparttar 128093 best method. In this article we will coverrepparttar 128094 following link-building tactics:

· Reciprocal link building · Directory listings · Non-reciprocal link building tactics

· Tools to maximize your efforts

And so, without further ado …

Reciprocal Link Building

Reciprocal link building isrepparttar 128095 trading of links between two websites. Essentially it an “I’ll post yours if you’ll post mine” sort of arrangement. There are many sites out there that will essentially link to any-and-all sites willing to link to them. This is not a good practice.

While purely speculation at this point, there is significant debate inrepparttar 128096 SEO community regarding how search engines might be altering their algorithms to take into account a Webmaster or SEO’s ability to manipulate their rankings with reciprocal links. Whether or not these speculations are true currently, they are most certainly being integrated if they have not be already.

Essentially,repparttar 128097 search engines need to protect themselves and provide relevant results to their users. While inbound links as part of search engine algorithms is certainly here to stay,repparttar 128098 way these links are calculated changes constantly and in reaction torepparttar 128099 current environment and also in prediction of future developments,repparttar 128100 way we build them too must evolve.

There are some basic rules to follow when exchanging links:

· Relevancy is more important than PageRank · Check and make surerepparttar 128101 recips aren’t being blocked · Link pages with more than 50 links aren’t worth exchanging with · Prepare forrepparttar 128102 future


Many Webmasters focus only onrepparttar 128103 PageRank of a website when deciding whether to exchange links with it. Without a doubt PageRank is important however more important is whether or not that website’s content is related to yours. There are two reasons for this:

1. The algorithms are changing to take into considerationrepparttar 128104 relevancy of links. A link from a relevant PageRank 3 page will be considered more valuable than a PageRank 5 link from a totally unrelated site. Some predict that unrelated links will soon be given little or no weight whatsoever. 2. Believe it or not, Google is notrepparttar 128105 only search engine. PageRank is Google’s ranking ofrepparttar 128106 value of a site. What Google gives a 3 out of 10 Yahoo may give more weight to.

Basically, after a series of tests we have determined that links to related sites will never hinder your rankings. With this in mind feel free to link to any site you think your visitors would naturally be interested in if they are at your site.

Blocked Recips

Unethical website owners (or their SEOs) will sometimes blockrepparttar 128107 links backs from search engine spiders. Be this in an effort to attain what appear to be one-way links as opposed to reciprocal or simple to make their website appear to have fewer outbound links this is not ethical and it certainly won’t help you.

When you’re looking at a potential link exchange page checkrepparttar 128108 source code forrepparttar 128109 robots tag. If it’s set to “noindex,nofollow” thenrepparttar 128110 page is being blocked andrepparttar 128111 link won’t help at all.

Some wiser webmasters will userrepparttar 128112 robots.txt file to block search engine spiders. If you look for robots.txt atrepparttar 128113 root ofrepparttar 128114 domain (i.e. at http://www.domainin you will seerepparttar 128115 files/folders that are being blocked. Look forrepparttar 128116 links pages and/orrepparttar 128117 directory these pages or in, in this list. If you find it, then don’t exchange links with them.

A new one I’ve recently found along this tangent is to drawrepparttar 128118 links from a script and to blockrepparttar 128119 script and database folders fromrepparttar 128120 search engines. The files won’t show up inrepparttar 128121 excluded list butrepparttar 128122 links won’t be counted. To detect thisrepparttar 128123 easiest thing to do is to viewrepparttar 128124 cache ofrepparttar 128125 page. Ifrepparttar 128126 page is cached but none ofrepparttar 128127 links appear andrepparttar 128128 script directory is listed inrepparttar 128129 robots.txt file then this tactic is being used. Again, don’t bother exchanging links.

If you find Webmasters employing any of these tactics they are unethical. Unethical Webmasters shouldn’t be rewarded with high PageRanks or good results. If you haverepparttar 128130 time and inclination you may want to email those websites listed onrepparttar 128131 page (heck, they may be good recip link partners anyways) and let them know what’s going on. You’ll be doing them a favor and they’ll probably be happy to exchange links with you as well.

Link Pages With More than 50 Links

Webmasters who are trying to actually do their link partners a favor will limit their links pages to 50 links (the lowerrepparttar 128132 better). The reason for this is that every page gets one vote. A link to another website counts as a vote for that site. This is why it can help improve rankings. As each page only gets one vote a link from a page with 10 links counts at 0.1 of a vote, whereas a link from a page with 100 links counts as 0.01 of a vote. Anything past about 100 links is not counted at all.

Additionally, this higher up on a page your link appearsrepparttar 128133 more weight it is given. Ifrepparttar 128134 page lists sites alphabetically try to insure that your title begins with a number or a letter early inrepparttar 128135 alphabet (which work well for companies like “Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning”).

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