Creating Link Popularity - Without Getting Banned

Written by Dan Thies

Creating Link Popularity - Without Getting Banned by Dan Thies

By now, most webmasters know that link popularity isrepparttar single most important factor in driving top search engine rankings. But did you know that some some links can actually kill your search engine rankings?

The importance of links has led torepparttar 128191 creation of "links programs" such as LinksToYou and others. If you're already in a links program, hold on to your hat, because I've got bad news for you.

How Links Programs Work: In a links program, every member ofrepparttar 128192 program uploads a page or pages to their website. These pages carry links torepparttar 128193 other program participants' websites.

Why They Don't Help Search Engine Rankings: All ofrepparttar 128194 major search engines are aware of these programs, and most of them use automated processes to weed out "identical" pages. Even if a search engine recognizesrepparttar 128195 link, they won't give it much weight.

How Links Programs Can Kill Your Business: The most popular search engine inrepparttar 128196 world today is Google. In late 2000, Google began a systematic campaign of permanently removing links program participants from their index. Altavista has begun a similar program, although recent problems kept them from executing it.

Don'trepparttar 128197 operators of links programs know all this? Of course they do, yet they continue to operate and proliferate. Tobacco companies know cigarettes kill people, yet they continue to sell them. I'm sure both would toutrepparttar 128198 "benefits" of their product as a justification.

What To Do If You're In A Links Program: First, immediately remove all ofrepparttar 128199 program's pages from your site. Second, remove allrepparttar 128200 links they had you set up on your other pages. Third, if possible, cancel your membership... then get to work creating some legitimate link popularity.

Creating True Link Popularity If you want your site to have lasting popularity and relevance withrepparttar 128201 search engines, you need links from related sites. Dedicate 10 minutes a day to locating and contacting other webmasters to swap links, adding your site to directories, and publishing articles in your area of expertise.

Create Multiple Layers Of Links For some search engines, links to your home page are good enough. At least some of your links, though, should be targeted at your internal pages. For example, if your site sells tools for gardeners, get some links set up to your "how to" and FAQ pages too. This will help you get more of your site's content intorepparttar 128202 search engine, and increase referrals significantly.

How To Get Listed Prominently on Yahoo!

Written by Don Crowther

It all started with a gasp…while reviewingrepparttar traffic report for one of our sites I noticed that traffic was down significantly fromrepparttar 128190 day before. I soon discovered thatrepparttar 128191 change had occurred at Yahoo.

So I navigated to Yahoo, typed inrepparttar 128192 keyword, and gasped. The trusty Yahoo search ranking page we had come to know and love (because our site was ranked #1) was gone! It had been replaced by what appeared to be a normal, non-categorized search listing like you would find at most other search engines. And more importantly, our site was no longer on top of that list!

By now you probably know that Yahoo has changedrepparttar 128193 way that it delivers search results. The old way, of showing a page of categories (Business and Economy > Business to Business > Construction > Metals) in response to a search has been replaced. Visitors now see a few one-line category links followed by a list of sites that rank well against that search term.

What does this mean for Internet Marketers? First, it probably means that your site has changed in ranking on Yahoo. You might be lucky and your site is in much better position now than it used to be. But you also may not even show up inrepparttar 128194 listing, especially if your success was based on having an alphabetically-prominent company name (Yahoo used to list sites alphabetically).

Second, it means thatrepparttar 128195 search engine battleground has probably changed yet again. Yahoo currently represents about half of all searches onrepparttar 128196 net. My prediction (and I’m sure Yahoo’s hope) is that since this change makes information easier to find, it is going to make them significantly more popular, resulting in greater market share, and hence more searches, going through Yahoo inrepparttar 128197 future. (I’ve already called my broker…)

Keys To Ranking High onrepparttar 128198 New Yahoo!:

The formula for getting ranked high on Yahoo used to be one ofrepparttar 128199 easiest to understand inrepparttar 128200 search directory/engine world. Now that formula’s not so obvious, and more importantly, it may become a moving target, just like most ofrepparttar 128201 other search engines. What works well this week, possibly won’t next. But that’s life!

In spite of that, it’s fairly clear that Yahoo will be utilizing several factors in their equation to determine what comes up first in their ranking. Keep these in mind as you register new sites:

1. Presence in their database. They won’t list you if you’re not there! So if you haven’t done it yet, get off your duff, dust off your credit card, and fork overrepparttar 128202 $299 to get your site listed. You can’t afford not to, period!

2. Presence ofrepparttar 128203 keyword in your URL, Yahoo title and Yahoo description. Yahoo still doesn’t appear to be ranking their search results based onrepparttar 128204 page content of your site itself, but rather byrepparttar 128205 information inrepparttar 128206 title, description and URL that is listed in their database for your site. Your site must provide valuable information to be accepted intorepparttar 128207 Yahoo directory, but when it comes to determining who gets ranked first on any given search, it’srepparttar 128208 words inrepparttar 128209 titles, descriptions and URLs that determinerepparttar 128210 ranking order, notrepparttar 128211 actual copy on your site.

Ideally,repparttar 128212 keyword that people will most likely find you under will be listed in your URL, your company name (which Yahoo will use forrepparttar 128213 title of your site in their listing) and right atrepparttar 128214 beginning of your site’s description on their database. For example: Compost Makers Inc. Compost makers, tools, and equipment for making your garden healthy

will score considerably better for a search on “compost makers” than would Bob’s Hardware Store Compost makers, tools, and equipment for making your garden healthy

3. Primacy ofrepparttar 128215 keyword in your URL, Yahoo title and Yahoo description. Yahoo places more weight on words atrepparttar 128216 beginning of terms than that same word later on in your description. So: Compost makers, tools, and equipment for making your garden healthy

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