Creating Keyword Specific Doorway Pages - A Step By Step Guide

Written by Shelley Lowery

If you're doing business onrepparttar Internet then you knowrepparttar 128057 importance of ranking high inrepparttar 128058 Search Engines. The competition is fierce, but it can be done. What I am about to reveal to you will increase your traffic immensely, but it must be done correctly. The goal is to create powerful doorway pages that not only rank high inrepparttar 128059 Search Engines, but are Search Engine friendly and provide some valuable content for your visitors. What is a doorway page anyway? A doorway page is a webpage specifically designed to rank high inrepparttar 128060 Search Engines for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. Not just a blank page with a link that redirects to your main page, but a powerful, content rich page packed with your keywords. First of all, select three ofrepparttar 128061 most specific keyword phrases that best describe your website. If your website is about dog grooming, then your keyword phrases might be: dog grooming, pet care, pet groomers. Place these keyword phrases, separated with a comma, in your KEYWORD meta tags betweenrepparttar 128062 HEADING tags of your HTML. (Notice: Some ofrepparttar 128063 opening and closing brackets < > have been left off some ofrepparttar 128064 examples below to enable you to viewrepparttar 128065 code.) Example: Next, write a descriptive sentence about your website packed with your keywords for your DESCRIPTION Meta tag. Example: Write a descriptive TITLE for your page that includes your KEYWORDS. The Dog Groomers Salon: Dog Grooming Tips From Top Professional Pet Groomers Your doorway page should load very quickly, so keep your graphics to a minimum. Make sure you don't include any banners and place your main logo atrepparttar 128066 top of your page, linked to your main page. Place your keywords withinrepparttar 128067 image tag usingrepparttar 128068 ALT tag. Below your logo, include an intriguing sentence and link it to your main page. Example: IMG SRC="mainlogo.gif" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="60" ALT="dog grooming,pet care,dog groomers" BORDER="0" For More Professional Dog Grooming Tips, Click Here In addition to placing your keywords in your Meta tags Title, and Image tag, you can also userepparttar 128069 Comment tag. Comment tags can be used throughout your page to organize

Change Your Site Now!

Written by Holly Janion

Change your site! That's right, if you wantrepparttar edge in this highly competitive market, you need to change your site now!

In order to increase your traffic you need to changerepparttar 128056 content on your site to reflect current trends. By this I don't mean simply changing a few words, layout etc etc, I mean really changing it to keep ahead of your competition by providing services that people really want.

This by no means has to affectrepparttar 128057 theme of your site, you simply need to enhance it to provide additional much sort after services or products. If you're happy withrepparttar 128058 amount of visitors your site is currently receiving, and I doubt you are, then leave it as it is, but if you want more visitors, and you want your visitors to keep coming back, then read on!

Let's get torepparttar 128059 how's andrepparttar 128060 why's.


Firstly find out what people want, what they're really looking for. If you can offer this service or product, people are more than likely to buy it from you. Remember they're looking for it because they want it and if you provide it, chances are they'll buy it from you.

To find out what people are looking for go to a site like If you think you know whatrepparttar 128061 most popular search word atrepparttar 128062 moment is, you may be somewhat surprised when I tell you its MP3. That'srepparttar 128063 word now, but things change so fast in this technical age, you need to keep a close eye on this.


There are two major reasons for doing this. Firstly, if people want it and are looking for it and you consistently fill this need, you will soon establish a reputation for always being "hot". Makerepparttar 128064 most ofrepparttar 128065 current trends why they're happening. I am not talking about words that have always been searched for or products and/or services you would not want to associate your site with, but new and different trends. If you discipline yourself to check these trends on a regular basis, you can offerrepparttar 128066 desired services long beforerepparttar 128067 word is out and everybody else is doingrepparttar 128068 same thing. This is a major key to how successful you will be - act fast and stay ahead!.

In order to have your own site ranked well withrepparttar 128069 search engines, you need to have relevant keywords in your metatag area. What could be better than havingrepparttar 128070 most popular search words in your own metatags? Of course you would have to have that content on your own site. If people are searching for Holly Janion, and you have Holly Janion in your metatags, be sure to contain information on Holly Janion somewhere withinrepparttar 128071 content of your site. How many times have you looked for something viarepparttar 128072 search engines and visitedrepparttar 128073 sites to find they have nothing to do withrepparttar 128074 subject in hand. This is a dirty trick and won't dorepparttar 128075 webmaster any favors inrepparttar 128076 long run. Be professional, make sure your metatags correctly reflectrepparttar 128077 content on your site.

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