Creating Icebergs Out Of Hostility

Written by Peter Murphy

*Have you ever dreaded an upcoming presentation, meeting or function because you just knew thatrepparttar group would be hostile* Maybe you had heard that these people are very critical, even aggressive.

*How can you prepare for such a situation even though you would prefer to disappear into thin air.*

1 Use Adversity To Make You Stronger

Very often we make our greatest breakthroughs inrepparttar 101928 face of huge challenges. We improve our performance overnight because we absolutely have to so as to avoid dire consequences. It might even be a case of get this result now or lose your job.

Knowing that you will be facing a hostile crowd, why not decide now to prepare forrepparttar 101929 presentation better than you have ever done before. Decide that you will absolutely take charge ofrepparttar 101930 situation and then devise a plan to make sure you will be awesome whenrepparttar 101931 pressure is on.

Work onrepparttar 101932 content of your presentation, your delivery, and especially on how you will interact with a difficult audience. Anticipate heckling, negative responses and resistance. Then decide beforerepparttar 101933 event how you will deal with it. Devise answers and responses for stupid questions and boorish behavior.

All too often we do a little preparation before a big event and then just hope that it will all turn out right. If professional sportspeople approached their work like that sport would not even be worth watching. If all those famous singers, dancers and comedians did not constantly work on their skills BEFORE a performance then you would never have heard of them.

Giving a presentation takes very little time, and it isrepparttar 101934 tip ofrepparttar 101935 iceberg, an iceberg that you sculpt inrepparttar 101936 days beforerepparttar 101937 event.

Think for a moment about how much time you spend in preparation for a speech, a job interview or a meeting. Now DOUBLErepparttar 101938 time you normally invest in yourself. Spend time on becoming excellent instead of just aiming to be good.

Userepparttar 101939 force against you to become stronger - turnrepparttar 101940 threat into an opportunity. The strongerrepparttar 101941 breeze,repparttar 101942 strongerrepparttar 101943 trees.

2 State Management

How To Be Handsomely Rewarded in These Times of Astounding and Radical Change

Written by Noel Peebles

Do you want to be rich? It sounds ridiculous. Of course you’d like to be rich, wouldn’t everybody? But do you want to be really rich? Your words might say you do, but your thoughts and actions very often say something entirely different. If you are still doing thingsrepparttar same way you’ve always done things, then reading this could berepparttar 101927 most important thing you do all year. Why? Because your thoughts and actions can berepparttar 101928 fuel your business needs to get up and running. Your thoughts and actions can also act like a ‘straight jacket’ making it easy for competitors to knock you around. However, if you are willing to make a personal commitment to perpetual re-education, you will come face-to-face withrepparttar 101929 most exceptional opportunitiesrepparttar 101930 world has ever seen. Start by redefining your business to satisfyrepparttar 101931 wants and needs of baby-boomers (born 1945 - 1965). By doing this you will be handsomely rewarded in these times of astounding and radical change. We have all been exposed to more change inrepparttar 101932 last 20 years than mankind has experienced inrepparttar 101933 past 2000 years. The situation is terrifying, frightening and awesome in its potential opportunity. We are living in one ofrepparttar 101934 most exciting periods civilization has ever known -repparttar 101935 information age. It is a period of astounding and radical change. This is “Frontierland” all over again… only now with computers,

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