Creating Demand with Email Newsletters

Written by Julia Hyde

You've launched your web site. You've implemented a public relations campaign and spent oodles of money advertising in trade journals, magazines and newspapers. But your site's daily visitors are still in single digits and your sales are...well let's just say that early retirement is no longer an option.

Now what?

Perhaps it's time to try email marketing. Or, to be specific, an email newsletter. After all, they require minimal effort to produce, and are proven to increase sales.

Of course, there are many other reasons why email newsletters make good business sense. Here's just a few of them:

~ You can create a marketing campaign on a shoestring budget.

~ You can measurerepparttar results and find out what works and what doesn't.

~ You can build a personal relationship with a large group of people.

~ Your subscribers pick YOU when they opt-in to your list. ~ You can track customer behavior

~ You can collect user information for specific, targeted campaigns...the list goes on and on.

So what are you waiting for. It's time to takerepparttar 124185 next step and putrepparttar 124186 power of email newsletters to work for you.

Starting Your Email Newsletter Campaign

Before you start any type of marketing or advertising campaign, you need a plan. This is equally true for email newsletters. You don't have to put together a 200-plus page document outlining all your goals and objectives, but you do need to define some basics before you begin.

1. Get to know your audience. It's not enough to say, "they're people who like widgets". Take your cue from magazine publishers. They know exactly who their target audience is, how much money they earn, what social group they fit into and what motivates them to buy. Find out who your customers are, then tailor your newsletter around their needs and desires.

2. Check out your competition. Yes, you do have competition. Find out what they're doing by investing some time to research their product or service. What could you do better? Is there a gap in their service you could fill?

3. Identify your newsletter's purpose. What do you hope to achieve with your newsletter. Do you want to give your subscribers information about your product to help them make purchasing decisions? If so, you must first help them find out more about your product by letting them see how it can make them smarter, healthier, wealthier, or more successful. Or do you want to position yourself as an expert in your field? Your goal here is to provide your subscribers with well-written articles that address issues in your industry. Whatever your objectives, your strategy must focus on your goals.

Creating Content

Now you know what you want your campaign to achieve, it's time to start thinking about content. This is usually whererepparttar 124187 faint hearted run for cover. Fear not. Creating content isn't as difficult as it first appears. Below are different methods you can employ to keep your newsletter content fresh, relevant and on target.

Gemstone literature an amazing experience all over the world.

Written by Alain Darbellay

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Extracts of Articles

Amethyst The art of lapidary is to placerepparttar color correctly in order to make homogeneousrepparttar 124184 tone ofrepparttar 124185 cut stone. The distribution ofrepparttar 124186 color in a cut stone is observed simply by immersing it in water contained in a transparent container and colourless. Corundum Corundum is composed of pure alumina; its colouring is due to metallic oxide traces or inclusions. Gems are generally found in alluvium, but come either from basaltic slag, or from metamorphosed limestone.

Tourmaline Coloured tourmalines are related to sodolithic pegmatite. One distinguishes two principal types of tourmalines:repparttar 124187 hexagonal type andrepparttar 124188 triangular one.

The Mine of Anjanabonoina, located inrepparttar 124189 high plateaus, produced rubellites, green tourmalines, and a variety of rare stones. Garnet

The Besafotra river carryrepparttar 124190 spessartites on several kilometers from their source, doubtless a sodolitic pegmatite. Tanety "grounds borderingrepparttar 124191 river," are alsorepparttar 124192 object ofrepparttar 124193 orange garnet's fever. Malaya Garnet Discovery This marvellous chromium-spessartite garnet from Madagascar was discovered in its bedrock in 1996. This discovery remains exceptional byrepparttar 124194 quality of its product and also byrepparttar 124195 fact that it wasrepparttar 124196 second deposit inrepparttar 124197 world to deliver this type of Malaya garnet. Crystalline Systems 7 systems of crystallization: There are 32 possibilities of combinations ofrepparttar 124198 elements of symmetry. Allrepparttar 124199 geometrical operations which cause a repetition ofrepparttar 124200 pattern are called operations of symmetry. Cutting Styles

Table, Crown, Girdle, Pavilion, Culet. Fancy Styles Back to Top Shield Cut, Trillant Cut.

Cutting Characteristics When a stone is cut according to good proportions,repparttar 124201 light is reflected from one facet to another and arises byrepparttar 124202 top.


Microscopes:repparttar 124203 binocular one, i.e. to double objective is best adapted for gemology. The microscope is of first importance inrepparttar 124204 detection of counterfeits. Indeed,repparttar 124205 study of inclusions whichrepparttar 124206 stone can contain is a practical means to identifyrepparttar 124207 gems while explaining to a certain extentrepparttar 124208 conditions under which they were formed in nature. Size & Weight Back to Top Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald. Madagascar gem safari

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