Creating Balance In and Unbalanced World

Written by Lynne Kaska

The Importance of Creating Balance in Your Life

Balance is a topic that is of great concern in my life. How many of you feel that you are being pulled in 50 different directions every day of your life? The kids are fighting, your husband needs your time, you havenít seen your parents in two weeks and they are requesting to see you,repparttar boss gave you a deadline for a huge project, and you havenít even thought about doing laundry, or going to church. Donít worry you arenít alone. I think that everyone feels at some point that their life is out of balance. Everyone feels that at some point in their life they are like a master juggler.

For me, when looking at creating balance in my life, there are several different areas that I have to look at. I call this exerciserepparttar 138613 Wheel of Life. By doing this exercise, it will help you identify what is important to you, what would improverepparttar 138614 areas that arenít a 10 on a scale of 1-10 and it will help you come up with intentions to help you design a balanced life.

First, I want you to draw a circle. Then divide it in half, and in half again, keep drawing it in half until you have eight equal pieces ofrepparttar 138615 pie. I want you to label each ofrepparttar 138616 sections as follows: fun/entertainment, home environment, family/friends, health and well being, spiritual, career/education, personal growth, intimate relationships. Now I want you to think about each category for a minute. Inrepparttar 138617 category of fun/entertainment, rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 and write it inrepparttar 138618 circle, 1 beingrepparttar 138619 least fulfilling and 10 beingrepparttar 138620 most. Dorepparttar 138621 same with each category. Once again, I want you to take a few minutes to think about each category. What in each category would make it a 10? Now in each category you have something that you want to create more of in your life. From this, you can create what are called intention statements. Iím going to use my home environment as an example. Having my own apartment that was safe and secure was what was lacking in my home environment. From that I created and intention statement that says, ďMy intention is to create a safe environment that feeds my soul.Ē Go ahead, you can do it. I want you to come up with at least one intention statement for each category.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Written by Scott Hawksworth

Millions of Americans use credit cards, take out money from savings and checking accounts, write checks, and open new bank accounts everyday. By completing these everyday tasks, many Americans put themselves at risk for identity theft. However, there are many steps that one can take to protect oneself from being an identity theft victim. In addition, knowing how an identity thief gets his or her information will allow a person to be safer.

How Do Thieves Get Their Information?

An identity thief can do many things to retrieve things like your Social Security Number, and credit card number. Some thieves steal mail, which often has bank statements and credit card numbers. Thieves may get information from an institution or business by stealing records while they are onrepparttar job. Some thieves use false advertising to get victims to give out their credit card numbers overrepparttar 138575 phone. Thieves can also implement a process known as ďskimming,Ē This process is where a thief uses a computer to track what buttons you pushed at an ATM machine.

How Do They Userepparttar 138576 Information?

How an identity thief usesrepparttar 138577 personal information is a whole different ballgame. Identity thieves may change account numbers, or access allrepparttar 138578 money in your account electronically or otherwise. Identity thieves may also open up various credit card accounts and run up charges. Some identity thieves go so far as top changerepparttar 138579 billing address for a credit card account, so they can run uprepparttar 138580 bill, and it will be some time before you realize it becauserepparttar 138581 bills are being sent to a different address. Some thieves get jobs, or file false tax returns using someone elseís name and Social Security Number.

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