Creating A Corporate Office Image From Your Spare Bedroom

Written by Elena Fawkner

Like it or not, there is still a segment ofrepparttar population who will erroneously conclude that you and your business are less than professional and competent just because you run your business out of your home.

Dumb? Obviously! Narrow-minded? Yes! Wrong? Absolutely! Unfair? No question! Want their business? Well ... yes. OK, then you're going to have to playrepparttar 117964 game and beat them at it. Here's how to do it. It's a little sneaky, but hey, all's fair and they did start it.


First off, incorporate. Nothing screams "CORPORATE!" to our friendrepparttar 117965 dumb, narrow-minded, wrong, unfair Potential Client as an LLC, Pty Ltd or PLC (depending on where you conduct business) on your letterhead and business card.

Not only does this appease Potential Client, there are some very good tax and other advantages to incorporation which are well worthrepparttar 117966 modest cost. Talk to your attorney or accountant about this.


The next problem you have with Potential Client is that you don't want your home address to give you away. What do you think looks more professional in Potential Client's eyes: 123 Cherryblossom Way, Apt. 103, Suburbia or 123 Major Blvd, Level 37, Big City?

The answer is a serviced office. These don't have to cost a lot of money if you use them pretty much as a post office but they CAN give your business allrepparttar 117967 big-city prestige your Potential Client is looking for.

An additional advantage is that you can use your serviced office to meet with Potential Client. After all,repparttar 117968 last thing you want is to have him coming to your REAL office! Heaven forbid! Most serviced offices will make meeting rooms available for a flat fee.


This is probablyrepparttar 117969 trickiest part of all. How do you know it's safe to answerrepparttar 117970 phone in your home office even though repparttar 117971 sounds of your young children playing just outside your office door will be heard byrepparttar 117972 caller? You simply don't.

There is a simple way of dealing with this. Only give your home office number to existing clients. They already know you are professional and competent and should therefore have no issue withrepparttar 117973 fact that you work from home.

For anyone else, give outrepparttar 117974 number of an answering service that will answerrepparttar 117975 call in your company name and can tell callers that you're in a meeting with another client and take a message. Your serviced office will offer this service as well.

You can then returnrepparttar 117976 call at a time when you know tell-tale background noise won't give you away.

In fact, a trick some people who work from home use when returning calls is to run a tape of office background noise. This both givesrepparttar 117977 impression you are working in a large office AND it masks any slight tell-tale household noises that may, despite your best efforts, give you away.

Once Potential Client becomes an actual client and you've proved to his satisfaction that you are professional and competent, you can tell him that you've decided to start working out of your home to reduce unnecessary overheads and give him your direct phone number.

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall - Part 1

Written by Elena Fawkner

"Into every life a little rain must fall." And into every business too. Don't haverepparttar luxury of surplus cash to fund a rainmaker for your business? Well then, it'll have to be up to you. As usual. Here's how:


"Everyone wants to win on Sunday, but not everyone is willing to practice Monday through Friday." Vince Lombardi

If you asked all of your competitors whether they want to be successful, it's a fair bet that pretty much all of them would say "Yes, of course, who doesn't want to be successful?"

But if you asked your competitors if they were prepared to do what it takes to develop their businesses so they could ultimately become successful, to payrepparttar 117963 price in terms of effort, discipline, perseverence and patience, although most if not all would probably answer "yes, of course, whatever it takes",repparttar 117964 reality is that very few of them actually would.

Although everyone wants success, very few are prepared to payrepparttar 117965 price overrepparttar 117966 long haul. Oh, they may give it a good go for a little while but whenrepparttar 117967 results don't come quickly, they decide their efforts aren't working and try something else.

The cold, hard reality is that success takes hard work, lots of it, and lots of time. Overnight successes are very rare. That's why successful people say there's always room atrepparttar 117968 top. It's because most people quit before succeeding, even when success is literally just aroundrepparttar 117969 next bend. This is why you have very little competition. Although you may think you have a lot of competition, in reality you're really competing against only ten percent or so becauserepparttar 117970 other ninety percent will drop out before they achieve success.

Think of your business as a garden. The first stage is to decide what you want to grow,repparttar 117971 second stage is to go get seeds and plant them,repparttar 117972 third stage is to tend your garden andrepparttar 117973 fourth is to reap what you have sown. The greatest challenge for most people is to sustain themselves throughrepparttar 117974 third stage. This is where patience is essential because it may be some considerable time between planting and reaping. Tending your garden also requires, in addition to patience, creativity, self- motivation, self-discipline, perseverence and resilience (allrepparttar 117975 better to bounce back with after disappointment, my dear).

The good news, though, is that ninety percent of your competitors can't or won't stick it out long enough to reachrepparttar 117976 harvest stage. This is why you can be always be a success no matter how much competition you have. So, let's get to it.


Before you can plant your seeds, you need to know what it is you want to grow.

"Communicating one on one is different. This requires listening, never taking your eyes off that person, conveyingrepparttar 117977 impression that this conversation is very important to you." Rick Pitino

The first step in communicating with anyone about your business is knowing with absolute clarity what it is you and your business are about. You must decide what it is that you offer and to whom. This means finding your niche. It isrepparttar 117978 kiss of death to any business to try to be all things to all people. Acceptrepparttar 117979 fact that not everyone is a worthwhile prospect for your business and don't waste your energies targeting anyone who is not a worthwhile prospect.

For example, let's say your business is about web site optimization for search engines. You take your clients' web pages and you optimize them for each ofrepparttar 117980 engines, tailoringrepparttar 117981 pages to rank well. You don't design web pages, you don't create them, you don't offer credit card merchant facilities or shopping carts. You optimize existing pages to rank well inrepparttar 117982 search engines. Period. This is a very specific niche withinrepparttar 117983 broader market of those requiring help marketing their web-based businesses.

Although that broad market will include people interested in web page optimization, it will also include people interested in learning HTML, looking for shopping cart assistance, looking for website design services or information on successfully promoting affiliate programs. If you targeted this entire market, it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack identifying those people interested specifically in web page optimization.

Instead, narrow your focus to that niche ofrepparttar 117984 market that you have decided to target and target ONLY that market. Everything you do needs to be focused on web site optimization and nothing else. Every communication you make must be to that end and no other. Don't allow your message to be diluted by generalizing. Don't allow your business to become fragmented.

The most effective rainmakers are very skilled at differentiating themselves and their businesses fromrepparttar 117985 competition because they know exactly what they are selling and to whom before they ever meet their first prospect. They have rehearsed over and over in their minds what it is that makes them special and why a client would be smart to do business with them. They relish questions such as "So what do you do?", "What makes you special?" and "Why should I do business with you?". While ordinary mortals may stumble and fumble for effective responses to such questions, rainmakers have no such problem. Effective rainmakers know, specifically and precisely, exactly what they do and who benefits from their services and they are ready with powerful statements about their skills and talents.

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