Creatine Supplementation for Increased Performance and Building Muscle

Written by Josie Anderson

Creatine is an amino acid that is in meat and fish. It is produced byrepparttar body inrepparttar 149741 liver and kidneys and converted inrepparttar 149742 muscles to creatine phosphate to resupply them with their source of energy.

Intense exercise depletes muscles of creatine. By taking creatine as a supplement you can increaserepparttar 149743 supply torepparttar 149744 muscles. Daily food consumption meetsrepparttar 149745 body’s creatine requirements for normal function, but for athletes who are participating in short-term burst of energy for workouts or sports high levels of creatine are needed.

Research on creatine overrepparttar 149746 past two decades have found that supplementation is best for those who workout three or more times a week.. Studies show that supplementing with creatine will: - make muscles bigger and stronger ( a two to three pound of lean body mass is gained on average) - increase performance in short-term activities such as weight lifting five to ten percent. The results of creatine supplementation can be seen usually within as little as five days.

How To Build Shirt Bustin' Biceps

Written by Fred Ost

There are countless articles on building bigger more powerful arms here's mine.

I believerepparttar best way to build massive biceps is through a multi angle attack. I use three, sometimes four pieces of equipment to properly hitrepparttar 149680 bicep as correctly as I can. I start with dumbells to use in a hammer curl form, a hammer curl is when you keep your hands inrepparttar 149681 same position they would be if they were at your sides, lifitngrepparttar 149682 weight straight up. The hammer curl givesrepparttar 149683 bicep a good stretch and provides additional length ofrepparttar 149684 bicep downrepparttar 149685 arm. I then switch to a traditional curling bar which is one of those squiggly looking bars withrepparttar 149686 v's bent intorepparttar 149687 it, from there it's over torepparttar 149688 old favorite straight barbell curl. If you have one you can also userepparttar 149689 "tricep bar" which isrepparttar 149690 short bar withrepparttar 149691 oval inrepparttar 149692 center with two handles although I have found this bar to letrepparttar 149693 front deltoids join in too much you might have some success substituting this forrepparttar 149694 hammer curl with dumbells.

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