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Written by ilaxi


Not a common man has turned to be an Internet Millionaire but people do make a living doing what they like onrepparttar net, creating and running successful websites.

Think through what you wantrepparttar 118569 Website to accomplish. Focus on these questions:

1. What isrepparttar 118570 purpose ofrepparttar 118571 Website?

2. What do I want my clients or customers to derive fromrepparttar 118572 site?

3. What do I expect from this Website?

4. How can I be informative to visitors, but important to my own customers?

5. How can I keep people onrepparttar 118573 site and keep them coming back?

6. How can I sell onrepparttar 118574 Internet?

These tips will prove a lot helpful:

Plan Your Site

Keep your designs simple. A simple design will sell more products. Keep your business simple. There must be a good mix of text and graphics with limited page scrolling. A sole proprietorship may be more equitable to you than a corporation (with partners) when you are first starting out. Keep your overhead low. The more money you have to lay out for your business,repparttar 118575 less ends up in your pocket. As much as you may want to provide copious amounts of information, people do not want to read it. When you need to provide text, be kind and limitrepparttar 118576 width ofrepparttar 118577 text. No one wants to simulate watching a sport on a Website.

Back-end driven Content All successful web sites have content –Catchy Headlines with two important vision ‘You’ & ‘Free’, good articles, inventory for sale, etc. You is what you have forrepparttar 118578 visitor and Free is offering 'Freebies'. Focus your Intent on Index main page to meetrepparttar 118579 visitor’s needs. Some sort of database/CGI type program manages most of this content. These days there are many alternative ways to implement online programs such asrepparttar 118580 classic CGI/Perl solutions to ASP, PHP, and C; and data base solutions as diverse as MySQL to Oracle. It is wise to chooserepparttar 118581 simplest solution available for your project. However, you should make sure that it will be able to scale to accommodate your site's anticipated success. Further, make sure that there is not a ready made, free version solution to your programming problem before you hire a programmer or buy a commercial version. There are many excellent resources that list hundreds of quality, free scripts available for download. One note aboutrepparttar 118582 content itself, it needs to not only be of high quality ( there is a lot of competition out there! ) but it needs to be constantly updated. If not daily, weekly updates are a must so that repeat visitors feel as if there is a reason to return. Repeat visitors are a very big key to continual growth. This makes a very good argument to use a programmable solution to manage your content, asrepparttar 118583 scripts allow you to update content more effectively than you can manually. Chats, Message Boards, E-mail Login, E-greetings are just forrepparttar 118584 many who sort out for various Interactive contents. To build an audience with content is up to you even without spending huge sum on Web designing or getting intorepparttar 118585 trap of labeling as ‘Portal’ because many Portals end up just being a mere Website with much hype and hoopla with added unwanted contents.

Why do you want a website?

Written by Andy Staveley

What on earth do you want a web site for?

Before you leap in atrepparttar deep end give this some consideration. Look carefully atrepparttar 118568 product you have. Is it likely to sell overrepparttar 118569 internet? We all know that CD's, books and software are prolific onrepparttar 118570 web and tend to do well but if you are selling brass candlesticks is this likely to berepparttar 118571 next internet hot potato in terms of sales? possibly not, However,repparttar 118572 internet is full of suprises so we could be wrong.

You need to considerrepparttar 118573 logistics of delivery acrossrepparttar 118574 UK and possible enquiries from abroad. How would you have sent those candlesticks to Ma Baker in Michigan? Is Ma Baker going to pay you in Ecu's ? No, she won't want to do that. She will want to pay online with her credit card.

Having said that, whilstrepparttar 118575 candlesticks may not berepparttar 118576 best selling product onrepparttar 118577 internet they may berepparttar 118578 best way of encouraging people to visit your shop having seenrepparttar 118579 beauty of their design andrepparttar 118580 keen prices that you offer.

So, if your web site is for selling a product then you need a lot of careful planning and consideration before you get started. Now, it may be that you fall intorepparttar 118581 category ofrepparttar 118582 wannabee's who just have to have that web site because Joe Bloggs acrossrepparttar 118583 road has one and you are miffed because you don’t. You feel out of touch and missing out on things and besides you want to dip your toes inrepparttar 118584 water and register your company domain name before someone else grabs it. That’s fine but don't spend a fortune doing it. Start of with something very basic and readrepparttar 118585 rest of this article to find out more about how it all works.

Perhaps your company would like to save money overrepparttar 118586 internet? Does this sound daft? Well, a web site designedrepparttar 118587 right way and forrepparttar 118588 right purpose can cut company costs considerably. For example, if you send out a thousand leaflets by post this would cost you around £250. By comparison if you sent them by email and depending onrepparttar 118589 means by which you send them you are talking pence not pounds. The saving is enhanced every time someone rings your company and is directed to your web site to view your products rather than waiting days forrepparttar 118590 post to arrive andrepparttar 118591 chance of losing an order.

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