Create a Table Centerpiece That Works for Most

Written by Joanie Williams

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You can create a lovely but simple and inexpensive table arrangement that will work for almost any dinner party at your house. First, collect your supplies, then just follow ten easy steps to create your arrangement.

Collecting your supplies

Choose white flowers and some simplefoliage. White carnations and a couple of ferns are readily available. They provide a simple, inexpensive white arrangement that would go on almost any dinner party table.

Choose a low round vase. This way you can easily create an arrangement that is pleasing from all sides. Remember that your guests should be able to see overrepparttar 148266 arrangement.

Choose white candles and candlesticks that matchrepparttar 148267 color and material of your vase. If you don’t want to use candlesticks, you can just use pillar candles on glass dishes.

Now you’re ready to create your table centerpiece.

Ten easy steps to creating your arrangement: 1) Fill your vase two thirds full of water. 2) Cutrepparttar 148268 flowers down enough so they just pop overrepparttar 148269 top ofrepparttar 148270 vase. 3) Strip off foliage that would be underwater since it will rot faster inrepparttar 148271 water.

Easing Coughs Naturally

Written by Cathy O

Whether it berepparttar dead of winter orrepparttar 148239 high life of summer, colds and allergies seem to pop up out of nowhere and “catch” us completely off guard. Hand-in-hand with these seasonal terrors comerepparttar 148240 dreaded cough and there are two ways you can fight cold's comrade-in-arms----- with either overrepparttar 148241 counter cough drops ----- or ones that you can make yourself.

Make yourself, you ask? Why not! it's easy and many ofrepparttar 148242 ingredients within these little soldiers can be found right in your own kitchen. Sugar, corn syrup and water gently brought to a robust boil till they reach what is known asrepparttar 148243 “hard crack” stage will give yourepparttar 148244 "medium." The only secret to a successful drop is to use a tasty and simple combination of herbs "steeped" inrepparttar 148245 water before adding it torepparttar 148246 sugar-syrup. This wonderful cough relieving tea along with your "dry" ingredients" are all you need to make your own natural cough confection-ators.

Some herbs that are found in many ofrepparttar 148247 other natural cough drops you find onrepparttar 148248 market that you may want to try alone or in combination are; Coltsfoot, Korean Licorice Mint (easy to grow; seeds are available from Seeds of Change), thyme, slippery elm, horehound, comfrey leaf, hyssop, marsh mallow and common mullein, to name a few. Many of these herbs are perennial so you will have them for your own personal “medicine cabinet” year after year. Userepparttar 148249 leaves only of these herbs either singly or in combination. It helps to try them out as a tea first, that way you know which herbs will taste best in your cough drops. About 2-3 tsp. of herb to 1 1/2 cups boiling water ought give yourepparttar 148250 concentration that you need; let steep till cool.

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