Create a Story Book with Your Child

Written by Susanne Myers

Create a Story Book with Your Child

A fun way to build your childís imagination

By Susanne Myers

Writing is still one of our major forms of communication as well as a great way to express ourselves. Creating a storybook with your child is a fun way to introduce him or her to creative writing. You will also get to spend a few hours of quality time together andrepparttar end result will become a family treasure for years to come.

All you need is a notebook, a pen, and anything else you and your child would like to use to illustrate a story. You can draw pictures together, or make a collage out of old photos and magazine cut outs. Of course you can also add stickers, glitter or anything else you can come up with.

But letís start atrepparttar 142123 beginning. The idea is to come up with a story and to write it down inrepparttar 142124 notebook. If your child has never made up a story, she will need some guidance and help from you. Think about what she is interested in right now: dinosaurs, ponies, ballet; characters from a particular book or TV show, etc.

Natural Color Diamond Rings Ė Pretty As A Picture

Written by Caroline O'Shaughnessy

Purchasing diamonds overrepparttar Internet may seem like a good idea. After all, what you are really interested in is howrepparttar 142122 ring looks on her hand, right? Atrepparttar 142123 price paid for natural color diamond rings, you want a lot more than that. You want some assurance your diamond purchase is worthrepparttar 142124 money you pay for it.

The first step to making surerepparttar 142125 beauty ofrepparttar 142126 diamond pictures is accompanied with a money back guarantee of authentication, andrepparttar 142127 diamond comes with a grading. What this means is an expert has comparedrepparttar 142128 diamond to an industry standardized clarity chart, and has gradedrepparttar 142129 size ofrepparttar 142130 diamonds imperfections againstrepparttar 142131 industry standard.

Diamond Pictures Ė Why Internet Pictures Donít Tell The Whole Story

Once your receive your diamond fromrepparttar 142132 Internet seller, you can then takerepparttar 142133 diamond ring to a local jeweler who can comparerepparttar 142134 actual diamond clarity and colour torepparttar 142135 report. Inrepparttar 142136 event a major discrepancy is found, you can then use your money back guarantee to returnrepparttar 142137 diamond ring for a refund.

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