Create a Search Engine Toolbar for Your Web Site

Written by Loren Baker

Create a Search Engine Toolbar for Your Web Site

The trend started with Google releasing their toolbar for Internet Explorer. It changedrepparttar way we searched by makingrepparttar 131661 search engine available from insiderepparttar 131662 browser with no need forrepparttar 131663 user to go torepparttar 131664 particular website.

And now, Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL… Every big corporation running a search engine has their own toolbar. So much so that if I turn allrepparttar 131665 toolbars installed on my particular browser, there would be little space left for browsing space!

So, how do you as a web publisher (or a content provider) reach out to your clientele? Get them to install a search toolbar that is custom made to suit your website. I found some companies selling tools to make customized toolbars, butrepparttar 131666 one I am discussing today providesrepparttar 131667 service for free and integrates custom search results for YOUR SITE.

Effective Brand has a complete web-based toolbar generator. Moreover, they hostrepparttar 131668 toolbar for you on their website with a custom page dedicated to it. The initial toolbar generator is a 4-step procedure where user gets to pick up a logo, a search string, custom buttons, and basic toolbar details. Andrepparttar 131669 system generatesrepparttar 131670 toolbar andrepparttar 131671 custom page.

What isrepparttar 131672 best thing about this toolbar generator? The ability to make changes without worrying about client end version. Whenever a user opensrepparttar 131673 browser,repparttar 131674 toolbar is updated withrepparttar 131675 latest settings and updates fromrepparttar 131676 server. Thus, one time installation is required onrepparttar 131677 client side. And with "recommended site" results integrated inrepparttar 131678 toolbar, it acts more as a search companion and not just like a static toolbar hogging valuable browser window space.

How to get a site online and have it making money

Written by Jonathan White

When building and getting a site online you have to think of a number of things. Some of these includerepparttar following:

1.What is your site going to be about If you want to get a site online to make money then you need to do some good research before you choose what your site is going to be about. This is because there is no point in you choosing a topic for your site where other people have no interest in. If no one has any interest inrepparttar 131660 topic of your site then you will find it very had to get a good amount of visitors to your site. Sorepparttar 131661 best thing to do is to choose a topic that is likely to interest a large number of people and is also likely to make you some good revenue online.

2.What web hosting provider are you going to choose to host your site with Choosingrepparttar 131662 right Web hosting provider is very important when choosing it to host your site. This is because there is no point in choosing a Web hosting provider that is likely to be unreliable just because it is cheap or just because you don’t know enough about it. The article at: gives you a better idea on how to choose a good Web hosting provider to host your site with.

3.How can you add more content to your site Once you have your site up and running, you will then need to think of ways of making your site bigger and also updating your sites content on a regular basis so that your visitors don’t get bored of your site and so that they will have a reason to keep visiting your site on a regular basis. Some ways of adding content to your site could includerepparttar 131663 following:

·You could add some free reprint able articles to your site that is onrepparttar 131664 same topic as your site. You can find well over 800 reprint able articles at: ·You could add some free to play games on your site so it becomes stickier. You can find a load at: ·You could add a forum to your site so people can keep informed of current events and updates on your site and also chat amongst each other. You can find some good forum scripts at: where some of these are free withrepparttar 131665 GPL.

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