Create Your Own Luck

Written by Josh Hinds

I find it particularly disheartening when I hear someone refer to a personís success and achievements as simply luck. Or even worse... dumb luck.

The word luck implies thatrepparttar person had very little to do withrepparttar 149452 positive outcome they are currently enjoying. In fact, it even conjures uprepparttar 149453 idea that someone that is enjoying their success could have as easily achievedrepparttar 149454 result from doing something as simple as going torepparttar 149455 local store and purchasing a lottery ticket and hoping forrepparttar 149456 best.

The reality is that "luck" in and of itself in virtually allrepparttar 149457 cases of those where one might define a person as being successful had little if anything to do with it.

Very often,repparttar 149458 exact opposite is true. One can easily find countless examples whererepparttar 149459 ingredients of being action oriented, and persistent had much more to do withrepparttar 149460 attainment and rewards these people are enjoying.

Assuming that you agree with me thatrepparttar 149461 word "luck" by itself has very little to do with what it truly takes to be successful in ones ventures -- why is it that all to often we don't associaterepparttar 149462 true ingredients when discussingrepparttar 149463 success of others?

Rather then use words such as lucky, why don't we instead celebraterepparttar 149464 fact thatrepparttar 149465 person in question worked hard, put forthrepparttar 149466 ample effort and is being rewarded for all that went into getting them to where they are now.

I Just Did It!

Written by graham and julie

I succeeded. I achieved my goal. I am successful. I set myself a target and did it. I wanted to do it and I have. I am really pleased with myself. I am so happy I want to tell everyone about my success. I did really well. I performedrepparttar best I have ever done. I performed torepparttar 149317 best of my ability today. I feel great and am so proud of myself.

I did it.

Others said it was impossible. Others said I would never do it. Others said I could not concentrate for that length of time. Others said I did not haverepparttar 149318 courage. Others said I was useless. Others said I was not cut out for such a task. Others said I should be happy with what Iíve got. Others said just be grateful and stop all this success thinking. Others said I did not have what it takes.

But I know that is not true because I did it.

I am a success. I have proved that if I want something enough. If I put my mind to succeeding I can achieve. I just did it.

I know that I can do whatever I want to. The only thing that stops me is me.

The more I listen to othersrepparttar 149319 more I move away from my goals and my dreams. I can achieve my dreams because I just did it.

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