Create Your Own Local Cable Women in Business Program

Written by Jerrilynn B. Thomas

You're probably thinking that you will never have a cable business program. Anything is possible if you are creative and aggressive enough to go after your PR dreams. One ofrepparttar first things that I instruct clients who use my PR makeover service to do is package their products and service to enhance their PR appeal. Wouldn't it be great if you could package yours into a business program that is featured on your local cable station? Well today we are going to outlinerepparttar 131139 format for a women in business cable program.

You have to decide if it is going to be a talk, makeover, or news style program. The style ofrepparttar 131140 program should reflect your PR goals and communication strengths. If your business solves a problem, then a makeover program would be perfect for you. If you are skilled at getting people to open up to you, then use a talk program format. The news format is perfect for women who are extremely organized and adept at doing research.

Once you've decided onrepparttar 131141 program style, work on your concept. Your new program must capturerepparttar 131142 audience's attention. Will your news program report about onrepparttar 131143 online women in business market? Will your makeover program show women how to give their web sites a professional look? Will your talk program feature women who own sites hosted by you? How long will berepparttar 131144 program be? Will it be a daily, weekly, or monthly program?

Location is everything! It setsrepparttar 131145 mood for your program. Do you plan on using a studio, your home, or local places to tape your program. It all depends onrepparttar 131146 image that you want to project. A formal business look can be achieved by taping in a studio. Taping from your home office maximizesrepparttar 131147 image of running a successful online home-based business. Using a different locale for each show enhancesrepparttar 131148 appeal of a fun business program. All three location choices are perfect for any ofrepparttar 131149 program styles.

So far I've covered your program style, concept and location. Now it is time to work on your content. Content is queen! You can have repparttar 131150 best style, concept, and location and still have a bad program if your content is dull. Outline your debut show. Keep in mind that your program must feature your products and services. Jot down what is different and exciting about them. Ask yourself how you can fit them intorepparttar 131151 style ofrepparttar 131152 program to spotlight your business without it being too advertorial.

Beating The Odds

Written by Monique Rider


I met Joe when I was fifteen. We were married eight months after we met. I was 16 and he was 19. I could not drive and I dropped out of school right afterrepparttar wedding. This wasrepparttar 131137 beginning of eight years of struggling, sacrificing, and heartache. I became more and more dependant on my husband. He becamerepparttar 131138 center of my life. I had very few friends and no outside interests. I am confused as to whether he made me become dependant on him or if I allowed it to happen. Maybe it was a little of both. I was young and vulnerable and needed to depend on someone. To keep me dependant on him he used mind games, intimidation, manipulation and guilt trips. He wouldn't allow me to have a checking account or credit cards. He had me believing I could not handlerepparttar 131139 money - that I wouldn't be able to balancerepparttar 131140 checkbook and that I would run uprepparttar 131141 charge cards. He told me we were always behind on our bills because I couldn't figurerepparttar 131142 budget correctly. So, he controlledrepparttar 131143 money and, still,repparttar 131144 bills never got paid. He rarely let me go anywhere alone. He said there were too many weirdoes out there who could hurt me. Eventually, I either went places with him or I stayed home. I was afraid to even walk acrossrepparttar 131145 street torepparttar 131146 park - so I never went. He did not make me submit by becoming violent with me. He was, however, violent with other people. He was from an abusive family. His violence often emerged when he was drinking or on drugs. I witnessed many of his fights and beatings. I saw him breakrepparttar 131147 glass out of vehicles with a baseball bat. Even though he was not violent with me, maybe just seeingrepparttar 131148 violence was what made me submit. Various weapons were kept throughoutrepparttar 131149 house and hidden behind furniture. Such as clubs, baseball bats, and guns. He slept with a sharpened machete next to his side ofrepparttar 131150 bed. Most of these weapons were used in his acts of violence against other people. He had quite a long police record and it seemed like we were forever paying his fines and restitution. If he could hold a job for more than six months, he was doing well. We moved around a lot because, either we couldn't payrepparttar 131151 rent and got kicked out, or Joe couldn't get along withrepparttar 131152 landlords, so we would move. He constantly thought other people were out to get him. He thoughtrepparttar 131153 whole world was against him. Each negative thing that happened to him, he blamed on someone else. He completely isolated me from people. We had moved away from my family and we didn't get along with his. He couldn't get along with our friends for very long periods of time. During an argument that was his fault, where he did something wrong, it was usually me that ended up apologizing. I felt as if I wasrepparttar 131154 one who did something wrong. He would accuse me of doingrepparttar 131155 things that he, himself, was guilty of. Like being jealous, over possessive, bad with money, insecure. I then felt as if I had to strive to prove him wrong, to gain his respect. It was emotionally draining. I felt like I was making one sacrifice after another. I forgave him each time for being arrested, never coming home, or squanderingrepparttar 131156 rent money. For eight years we struggled and never had a thing to show for it. Meanwhile, I became more and more dependant on him. I still didn't drive. If I worked, it caused problems so I would quit. Any type of stress would cause his drinking to increase. He would drink and take drugs in binges. His behavior was very unpredictable. I felt as if things had to be just perfect for him, so he wouldn't get upset. Our first daughter was born in 1984. The stress ofrepparttar 131157 new baby caused another drinking binge, which eventually led to Joe being arrested. He had gotten into a fight and was charged with assault and destruction of property. Joe was between jobs most ofrepparttar 131158 time. He refused

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