Create Real Magic And New Customers

Written by Robert Smethers

Do you want a small business opportunity that could create more business for you? It is a chance to sell torepparttar government. Bring in new customers is alwaysrepparttar 150497 number one goal of many business owners. It isrepparttar 150498 life blood of any operation and if you want your business to stay healthy then you must bring in fresh new customers and keep them coming back with a great service or product. I would like to introduce you torepparttar 150499 59.005 Business Development Assistance to Small Business program. This program is excellent for bringing in new business and revenue. Get help from this program to sell torepparttar 150500 government. They will assist your small business in obtaining a "fair" share of contracts and subcontracts for Federal government supplies and services and a "fair" share of property sold byrepparttar 150501 government. What an excellent opportunity this is! I would rather sell a lot more to meet my goals than to have to get a small business loans or small business grants. What they can do for your company is: (Restriction of bidding/award to small business only) (1) Your application will set-asiderepparttar 150502 chance to increaserepparttar 150503 Federal procurement and disposal requirements awarded to small business for a great small business opportunity; (2) You will receive consultation with procuring activities on structuring of procurement and sales planning to optimize small business participation; (3) They will also review and analyze you small business capacity, credit, integrity, perseverance, and tenacity when challenged by contracting officers and certifying competence of such firms to perform as prime contractors, as appropriate, and monitoring performance of certificate of competency holders throughout contract life; (4) They will also review of subcontracting plans and programs of large prime contractors to determinerepparttar 150504 extent that they are providing subcontracting opportunities to small businesses, veteran-owned businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned businesses, HUBZone qualified businesses, small disadvantaged business, and women-owned small businesses; (5) When they give you consultation and advice for small businesses requesting assistance on government procurement or property sales matters, you must keep in mind that all consultants are notrepparttar 150505 same. It is very important to get one that you like and is passionate about their job. (6) They will also help you with specific contract administration problems; (7) They will see if you qualify forrepparttar 150506 SBA's procurement and financial programs; (8) By doing this they want to breakout of items from arepparttar 150507 same old stale source of buying in favor of full and open competition in order to achieve savings; (9) One ofrepparttar 150508 goals that they have is to review small business programs at Federal buying activities to evaluate effect on small business participation and recommend changes; and (10) management ofrepparttar 150509 Central Contractor Registration's Dynamic Small Business Search, a nationwide Internet database of information on small business, a marketing tool for small firms and a "link" to procurement opportunities. It pays to at least get registered and listed in this data base. Existing and potential small businesses are eligible to apply. A small business is a business entity organized for profit, with a place of business located inrepparttar 150510 United States and which makes a significant contribution torepparttar 150511 U.S. economy through payment of taxes and/or use of American Products, materials and/or labor.

Beware Of Spam Withdrawals

Written by Tim Knox

Q: I am so sick of allrepparttar spam that is sent to my business email address. I spend an hour every morning just trying to sort outrepparttar 150467 good email fromrepparttar 150468 bad. I know I could just delete it all, but I'm afraid I'll accidentally delete email that might be important to my business. Short of unplugging my computer, what'srepparttar 150469 best solution for dealing with spam?

A: I feel your pain. I, too, missrepparttar 150470 good old days whenrepparttar 150471 only time you'd spend an hour dealing with spam was trying to pry it out ofrepparttar 150472 can.

Due torepparttar 150473 nature of my business, I get a lot of unwanted email. I've been working onrepparttar 150474 Internet since 1995 and my email address has been publicly exposed for most of that time, so I am a spammer's delight. It is no exaggeration to say that I used to receive more than 400 email messages a day. Out of those 400 messages about 10% were from people I knew, 10% were from people I needed to know, andrepparttar 150475 rest were from people that I would like to track down and field dress with a very dull knife.

Spammers, they are called…repparttar 150476 scourge ofrepparttar 150477 Internet…repparttar 150478 digital kin ofrepparttar 150479 lowly telemarketer and dreaded junk mailer.

After listening to me complain about spam for months, my lead engineer burst into my office a few weeks ago and announced, "I've solved our spam problem! I've installed a spam filter on our server that will prevent spam from getting through."

Great, I thought, now I can find something new to complain about.

I wondered what I would do withrepparttar 150480 extra two hours a day this wonderful spam filter would give me. My joy quickly waned when within a day my email went from 400 to 40. It wasrepparttar 150481 saddest day of my life. Sitting there staring at my empty email box I suddenly felt very alone. At that moment I realized that not only had I come to expectrepparttar 150482 morning deluge of email, but I had come to find comfort in it. The spammers had become my friends. They wanted me to get rich quick and brighten my smile. They wanted to enhance my love life with generic Viagra and give me great deals on miniature cameras, low interest loans, waterfront property, and more. Andrepparttar 150483 sheer number of folks concerned aboutrepparttar 150484 abundance (or lack thereof) of my anatomy was incredibly heart warming.

Andrepparttar 150485 ladies that sent me email were so nice. They were worried that I was lonely and offered to cure my loneliness if only I gave them a credit card number. How sweet is that?

After a few daysrepparttar 150486 withdrawal symptoms ceased and I was happy to be free ofrepparttar 150487 majority ofrepparttar 150488 spam, though to this day I'm afraid that I might be missing out on something grand.

You and I are not alone, Anna. According to a recent study by eMarketer,repparttar 150489 average Internet email user now receives 81 emails a day, and nearly one quarter of them are spam. Spam now makes up more than 40% of all email and costs U.S. companies more than $10 billion annually. Seventy-six billion unsolicited e-mail messages will be delivered in 2003.

So how do spammers get your email address inrepparttar 150490 first place? It's easier than you might think. While some spam comes as a result of online purchases (yes, there are companies that will sell your email address no matter what their privacy policy says), that's just one ofrepparttar 150491 ways spammers get you in their sites.

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