Create A Realistic Plan For Your Success

Written by Arun Pal Singh

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

Success isrepparttar most desired ambition ofrepparttar 148764 human beings. Every one of us wants to be successful. But only few endeavor towards that purpose consciously whereas others rely on luck and chance to achieve their goals.

The best example in this case is someone who wants to get rich but only has one alternative: playingrepparttar 148765 Lotto. Of course, there are chances of becoming rich over night, but how likely is it that this will actually happen?

Creating a realistic plan in order to achieverepparttar 148766 desired results is vital in any case, no matter how high or low your ambitions are set and how high or low your hopes are.

The safest way to do this is by taking successive steps and gradually increasing your chances of reaching your ideal. The safest and surest.

Try to think of a metaphor and compare your desires with a professional swimming competition.

The first thing you need to do, in order to have chances of winningrepparttar 148767 race, is to make sure you are not afraid ofrepparttar 148768 water. Before you even consider enteringrepparttar 148769 race you have to eliminate your fears. They arerepparttar 148770 ones holding you back. But be careful! Some of your fears might save you from getting hurt or failing.

Once you are convinced that your goal is worth fighting for, you have to startrepparttar 148771 hardest stage in you plan: preparation.

To start with you must learn how to swim if you already do not know. You cannot expect to win a professional swimming race when you donít even know how to swim. Start withrepparttar 148772 basics and never skip any steps out of desire of reaching your goal faster. The experience and knowledge you are skipping will probably come back and hurt you later on.

How to Create Hip, Mature and Lush Harmonies

Written by Ronald Worthy

Copyright 2005 RAW Productions

Rarely is a chord played with its tones contained in a single octave,repparttar root onrepparttar 148736 bottom,repparttar 148737 third inrepparttar 148738 middle, andrepparttar 148739 fifth onrepparttar 148740 top.

Usually chords are "voiced!"

This basically means thatrepparttar 148741 positions of a chord's tones are scattered overrepparttar 148742 keyboard. The tones may be altered, doubled, added to, missing, and so forth.

There are a great variety of possibilities available in voicing chords. Voicing chords properly is an art within itself. Usingrepparttar 148743 correct voicing techniques in your playing will give your improvisation a "hip," mature and full sound. Chords played in root position just does not seem to dorepparttar 148744 job when playing Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Gospel and "Smooth Jazz" piano.

Learning and mastering good voice leading techniques in your playing is not difficult if you just follow some simple rules.

1. The most important notes in any chord isrepparttar 148745 3rd andrepparttar 148746 7th. The 3rd ofrepparttar 148747 chord defines whetherrepparttar 148748 chord is a major or minor chord. The 7th ofrepparttar 148749 chord will define whetherrepparttar 148750 chord is a dominant or major chord. Usuallyrepparttar 148751 bass player will playrepparttar 148752 root and fifth. The root and fifth are not essential tones and can be completely left our from your chord progressions. If you must userepparttar 148753 root and fifth try using it in your right hand, not your left. You should add your "color" tones in your right hand.

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