Crazy Contact Lenses -- Freak Out Your Friends!

Written by Mike Schwartz

You’ve seen them before either in music videos, in theatre, or maybe even while out shopping. They always get a second and third look. People don’t know what to make of them. Small children either love them or are terrified by them. But that is part of their appeal. They are meant to generate attention and interest. Why else buy crazy contact lenses if you can’t freak a few people out with them?

Crazy contact lenses are contacts that have designs or unique colors imprinted in them to makerepparttar eye stand out or mimic other creatures. There are countless designs of crazy contacts including everything from sport teams’ logos to eyes that appear engulfed in flames. One ofrepparttar 151026 more popular designs is a cat eye with a black pupil.

Though crazy contacts are fun at parties and for special effects, they are still contact lenses and need to be cared for inrepparttar 151027 same manner as you would care for other styles of contacts. This means that they are cleansed regularly withrepparttar 151028 proper cleaning solution. They shouldn’t ever be shared with others. They are not meant to be slept in. And because they should be fitted forrepparttar 151029 specific shape of your eye, crazy contacts should only be acquired via prescription from an eye care practitioner.

It’s Only Adult ADD – What a Relief!

Written by Suzan Fiskin

It’s Only Adult ADD – What a Relief!

For most of her fifty years, Barbara was at war with herself. Keeping organized, being on time, and finishing what she started were always a struggle. (Sound familiar?)

She always secretly felt that she was broken and that there was no way out.

We met after a presentation I did for NAWBO, a women’s business group.

“My desk is a train wreck, I can’t get myself to dorepparttar things I know I have to do and I know I’m smart but my brains take a hike when I need them most. Can you help me?” she asked,repparttar 150990 words running together in a stream of hope and fear.

After coaching ADD-ish entrepreneurs forrepparttar 150991 last 13 years, Barbara’s frustration was very familiar to me. During our first coaching session, I used Dr. Edward Hallowell’s list of 20 traits used to profile Adult ADD. (Be my guest – take a similar test online!)

A score of 12 gets you intorepparttar 150992 club of ADDers. With Barbara’s score of 18 she could run for president!

Like so many people, Barbara felt a surprising sense of relief in having a name forrepparttar 150993 challenges and loneliness that had haunted her all of her life.

You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid?

As I spoke to her about being ADD-ish, tears ran down her face in a blur of emotions. Suddenly she wasn’t broken and there was lots she could do to be happier and more successful –repparttar 150994 ADD-ish way!

I shared my positive outlook of being ADD-ish. I know first hand, because I’m one, too.

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