Crankcase Explosion

Written by Thomas Yoon

One ofrepparttar most frightening phenomenon for operators of diesel engines isrepparttar 147255 crankcase explosion. Although many force-lubricated, totally enclosed, reciprocating machines like diesel engines, steam engines, air compressors and many others had been running for many hours without any such problems, still repparttar 147256 problem of crankcase explosion is ever present and we cannot forget about it.

In order to understandrepparttar 147257 phenomenon of crankcase explosion, we have to understandrepparttar 147258 nature of fire, because, after all, an explosion is a very rapid propagation of fire.

A fire will only start whenever three conditions are met: fuel, oxygen, and heat.

A fire can very well start insiderepparttar 147259 crankcase of a diesel engine whenrepparttar 147260 conditions are just right. For allrepparttar 147261 recorded occurrences of crankcase explosions, one factor is common, namely a hot spot. That isrepparttar 147262 heat source.

Now, let us take a look insiderepparttar 147263 crankcase. It housesrepparttar 147264 crankshaft, connecting rod, piston rod, cylinder liner, piston, drive gears or chains andrepparttar 147265 lubrication oil. To prevent lubrication oil loss, protect persons fromrepparttar 147266 moving mechanical parts, prevent contamination ofrepparttar 147267 oil, and many other reasons repparttar 147268 crankcase is totally enclosed and separated fromrepparttar 147269 external environment.

First, let us look atrepparttar 147270 moving parts. There isrepparttar 147271 reciprocating mechanism consisting ofrepparttar 147272 crankshaft, journal bearings, and connecting rod. If it is a crosshead engine,repparttar 147273 crosshead sliding and reciprocating mechanism. Forrepparttar 147274 trunk type engine, there is repparttar 147275 piston andrepparttar 147276 small end bearings.

There are also gears or chains to driverepparttar 147277 camshaft. For reversible engines,repparttar 147278 reversing drive mechanisms. There is also repparttar 147279 thrust bearings atrepparttar 147280 end ofrepparttar 147281 crankshaft to take uprepparttar 147282 driven load. There may also be cooling oil pipes, or cooling water pipes sliding insiderepparttar 147283 crankcase for piston cooling. The piston rod itself may also be sliding through a gland assembly atrepparttar 147284 under piston space.

Satellite Radio: XM and Sirius Battle for Your $$$

Written by Dale L

Satellite Radio isrepparttar future of broadcasting

Satellite Radio, in short, can be described as commercial-free music, news, sports and talk shows. Many ofrepparttar 147047 biggest players and events are now available from Sirius radio and XM radio like Howard Stern, Fred Schneider (the B52s), NFL, English Soccer, NBA, NASCAR, NHL, Major League Baseball, INDY, andrepparttar 147048 PGA.

Satellite radio began in 1992, whenrepparttar 147049 ‘S’ spectrum was allocated byrepparttar 147050 FCC to four companies. The two main ones, Sirius and XM paid a pretty penny (in fact almost $80 million dollars worth) to buy a license. Satellite-based radio began on May 15th, 2001 when XM Radio completed their satellite system. Sirius followed shortly when they launched in July, 2001. Since then, expanded products and competition has changedrepparttar 147051 radio landscape.

While automobile manufacturers started installing satellite radio in 2001 and 2002, most new vehicles come equipped with one now. XM has two satellites (called ‘Rock’ and ‘Roll’) in parallel orbits to coverrepparttar 147052 mainland US market, while Sirius has three. Both have recently been awarded licenses forrepparttar 147053 Canadian market.

So what arerepparttar 147054 differences betweenrepparttar 147055 two providers?

XM has a flat $9.99 a month fee with no contracts to sign. They haverepparttar 147056 latest portable equipment. XM offers some ofrepparttar 147057 best varieties of programming available today. They offer 68 commercial-free music channels; 32 channels of News, Sports, Talk & Entertainment; and 21 channels of instant Traffic & Weather in major metro areas. Here'srepparttar 147058 latest information of channels:

15 channels of Rock music

11 News channels (Fox, CNN, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, BBC, C-SPAN, Bloomberg)

11 Talk & Variety channels (Discovery, E!, Experts & advice, African American Talk, Christian Talk)

10 channels of Pop music & Top Hits

7 Country music choices

7 channels of Blues & Jazz music

7 Hip Hop and Urban music choices

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