Crack The Code - That's A Direct Challenge

Written by Darren Miller

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Crack The Code - That's A Direct Challenge



Crack The Code - That's A Direct Challenge

I Challenge You To Crack The Code


I had quite an interesting experience recently. I was hired by a company to perform a vulnerability assessment and penetration test on their network. Duringrepparttar 139628 initial meeting, one ofrepparttar 139629 key technical staff presented me with a challenge; He handed overrepparttar 139630 NTLM hash ofrepparttar 139631 domain Administrator account and challenged me to decipher it. He explained thatrepparttar 139632 complexity and length ofrepparttar 139633 password would prevent me from deciphering it duringrepparttar 139634 time allotted forrepparttar 139635 project. He was actually quite confident in my impending failure.

In most cases, this individual would have been right onrepparttar 139636 mark. Onrepparttar 139637 other hand, I'm not sure he expected to challenge someone who has close associates with discretionary time on some ofrepparttar 139638 most powerful computers inrepparttar 139639 world.

6 Hours, 2 Servers, 64GB of Memory, and 32 Processors Later and.....


It took just under six hours to decipherrepparttar 139640 password. Of course, my 'associates' were using a program of my choice on servers with 32 processors and 64GB of RAM a piece. It's nice to have friends with access like this. Especially in my line of work. Needless to say, my client was shocked when I called himrepparttar 139641 next day and gave him repparttar 139642 password.

Let's Have Some Fun: A Challenge For You


(In order for you to do this, you need to go to: CrackTheCode-ThatsADirectChallenge.htm)

Shortly after this experience, I started thinking about writing an article about it. Then I thought to myself, why write just an article? Why not come up with a challenge for our readers?

Ink Cartridges & Printing Problems - Poor Print Quality

Written by Paul Curran

Why are there faint areas or gaps in my print out?

* Unlikely, but your paper may need changing due to its deterioration due to its age.

* Check thatrepparttar type of paper you are using in your printer matches ('Media Type')repparttar 139587 setting inrepparttar 139588 printer software 'Main Menu' or 'Print' dialog box.

* You may need to cleanrepparttar 139589 print head nozzles. These can be cleaned by employingrepparttar 139590 'Head Cleaning' utility from withinrepparttar 139591 printer software interface you get when you want to print or by going viarepparttar 139592 'Control Panel' (found via 'My Computer') and selectingrepparttar 139593 printers section. Afterrepparttar 139594 cleaning operations are carried out byrepparttar 139595 printer, a check pattern will be printed to show thatrepparttar 139596 ink cartridge nozzles are clean. If there are still poor quality areas, repeatrepparttar 139597 operation.

I have white horizontal lines appearing?

* You may need to cleanrepparttar 139598 print head nozzles - see above

* If your printer has a light flashing indicating low ink levels for a cartridge, then change it.

* Check thatrepparttar 139599 type of paper you are using in your printer ('Media Type') matchesrepparttar 139600 setting inrepparttar 139601 printer software 'Main Menu' or 'Print' dialog box. The colors are not what I thought they'd be?

* Clean your print head nozzles - see above

* You've not chosenrepparttar 139602 color option in your printer software interface. This has happened to me many times. By default, my printer software had black selected for all printing.

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