Cowboy Central Rewards NRHA Exhibitors

Written by National Reining Horse Associaton


NRHA Corporate Sponsor Cowboy Central really stepped up torepparttar plate and isrepparttar 124194 driving force behindrepparttar 124195 new Cowboy Central Saddle Series. Below you will find everything you need to know to qualify for a brand new Cowboy Central saddle at your respective Affiliate Championship Finals.

Each Open and Non Pro class at each North American affiliate show and at each international show will be considered a qualifying class.

A rider must be a member of an NRHA affiliate to participate.

A rider may qualify in only one region and for only one affiliate.

A rider does not have a minimum or maximum number of shows to attend.

Points will be awarded based on a one rider-multiple horses basis. All points earned by a rider will be utilized in determining a rider's total points, regardless ofrepparttar 124196 number of horses ridden.

Points will be awarded as follows, regardless ofrepparttar 124197 number of entries inrepparttar 124198 class: 1st-100 points, 2nd-99 points, 3rd-98 points, 4th-97 points, etc.

All entries in a class with a score will be awarded points. The top 4 riders plus ties from each affiliate will advance torepparttar 124199 Cowboy Central Saddle Series Finals held at each ofrepparttar 124200 six (6) North American regional finals andrepparttar 124201 European Affiliate Finals. North American Rider Qualification

Riders must declare a primary affiliate by July 1st. Riders will qualify through affiliate shows held January 1, 2004 - September 6, 2004.

10 Sure Fire Ways To Get More Ezine Subscribers

Written by Ken Hill

1. Place testimonials for your ezine on your site.

Your testimonials will help you to increase your circulation by showing your visitors how your ezine has helped your subscribers.

2. Give your visitorsrepparttar chance to see what your ezine is all about before subscribing.

For instance, you could provide an archive of your past issues on your site or you could make a sample issue available by autoresponder.

3. Write articles.

Your articles will increase your subscriptions by showing people that are unfamiliar with your ezine what kind of valuable content they can expect from you.

Promote your articles by submitting them to article directories, article announcement lists, and also to ezine publishers directly.

4. Swap articles with other ezine publishers and webmasters.

Publish other ezine publishers' articles in your ezine in exchange for those publishers running your articles in their ezines.

This can help you to successfully increase your subs by getting your articles run in targeted ezines on a regular basis.

You can also participate in ad swaps where you post other publishers' or webmasters articles on your site in exchange for them doingrepparttar 124193 same for you.

In addition, to helping you get more subscribers, these swaps can help you to keep your site updated with new content and increase your search engine rankings by increasingrepparttar 124194 number of reciprocal links you have.

5. Add bonuses for subscribing to your ezine.

Your bonuses will help you to successfully get more subscribers by giving your visitors an incentive for joining your ezine.

Increaserepparttar 124195 value your visitors place on your bonuses by adding an honest dollar amount to them, by telling your visitorsrepparttar 124196 benefits they provide, or by telling your visitors how many people have already received them.

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