Cover Letter Warning: Watch Out For the BIG BAD WORD!

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

Dear Job-Seeker:

Just as Goldilocks was suspicious ofrepparttar big bad wolf, be wary ofrepparttar 145571 big bad word! You knowrepparttar 145572 kind. Pursuant. Heretofore. Credence and all their contagious cousins! Unless you keep your guard up, these little pests will infest your cover letters like termites in a wood pile! Don't let them.

Remember, employers are regular folks--just like you and me. They don't want to carry around a ten-pound dictionary in order to get through what should be a clear and concise cover letter. Decide today that you will communicate with your potential employer as though you were two friends sitting over a cup of coffee. Everyday language, a touch of humor, and specific details about what you can do forrepparttar 145573 company and why you'rerepparttar 145574 one forrepparttar 145575 job will take you further than any five-dollar word you heard on a national spelling bee!

Not only is such writing a waste of your time,repparttar 145576 result is totally ineffective. The hiring manager is likely to read one sentence, then tossrepparttar 145577 letter intorepparttar 145578 trash--your hopes and dreams with it.

Don't let that be your fate. Take charge of your cover letter now. Choose words anyone can recognize and understand and write in a friendly manner that will bring your unique personality torepparttar 145579 page.

Try this:

I am so impressed with your company. After visiting your web site and 'meeting' you and other employees through your profiles, I thought to myself, this isrepparttar 145580 company for me. I am a hard worker and I take pride in paying attention to details. Please give me an opportunity to talk with you about what I can bring to (company name) forrepparttar 145581 position of (namerepparttar 145582 job). I already have a list of ideas I'm eager to share with you. I look forward to hearing from you, and then meeting you in person.

Take Time To ThinkDavis Goss

Written by Davis Goss

Take Time To Think Davis Goss

I recently saw a program on television whereinrepparttar participants discussedrepparttar 145570 degree to which present day computer technology has contributed to our economy, well-being and our ability to communicate. They pointed outrepparttar 145571 many ways that this technology was already obsolete and that further refinements will impact our future in ways we dare not imagine.

This scares me.

This advancement precipitates an increasing reliance on computer skills and "pushrepparttar 145572 envelope" technology. This over-emphasis tends to wean people away from original thinking. Overrepparttar 145573 years I've seen many very bright people let their computers do their thinking for them. They became un- suspecting victims of somebody else=s thinking. This robbed them of their individuality and innovative skills.

I've been a student and practitioner of creative thinking all my life. I was a creative consultant long beforerepparttar 145574 Internet was a factor. From my admittedly bias point of view, I thinkrepparttar 145575 time has come to champion a new technology. The next technological breakthrough should berepparttar 145576 re-discovery of creative thinking!

* The kind of individual creativity and innovative genius that built our free enterprise system. * The kind of uncluttered common sense creativity that is devoid of academic "isms" and "ologies". * The kind of creativity that existed (and worked!) long before time and technology distorted its relevance and simplicity

Webster defines creative thinking as "the ability to be productive through imaginative skills". Take a moment to think about what this really says. "The ability to be productive". To be productive , according to Webster, is to "establish results, benefits and profits". And how does he suggest that we do this? He says it should be "through imaginative skills". Notice that he makes no reference to technological skills or training. He says nothing about academic proficiency, administrative talents or scanningrepparttar 145577 Internet. He mentions only one method and that is to utilizerepparttar 145578 imagination And imagination, he reminds us, is Athe forming of mental images (ideas) of things not present torepparttar 145579 senses or never before wholly perceived@.

IDEAS! As important as modern day technological tools are, it should be realized that throughout all recorded history nothing was ever accomplished, no goal was ever reached, no need was ever met and no problem was ever solved that didn't begin with an idea !

Ideas arerepparttar 145580 substance ofrepparttar 145581 imagination. They arerepparttar 145582 effects of creative thinking. When people ignore or overlook new ideas and concepts, they risk becoming victims of another's creative initiative regardless of their technological competence. While any activity should utilizerepparttar 145583 best technological aids available, it behooves us to be alert torepparttar 145584 necessity for balance and make specific, conscious efforts to increase our imaginative skills. We should be constantly scanning our mental horizons for opportunities for growth and advancement and become aware of events and circumstances that can contribute productivity in Aestablishing results, benefits and profit....through their imaginative skills@

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