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Written by Mark


Discoverrepparttar exact strategies that Internet marketing authority, Corey Rudl personally uses to MAKE $10.42 FOR EVERY $1 HE SPENDS in online marketing -- AUTOMATICALLY!

When I first saw Corey's web site, I was skeptical -- since there are so-called "cutting-edge" Internet marketing gurus popping up onrepparttar 131797 Internet every day!

But after a little research, I quickly learned that this guy is for real. With four extremely successful online businesses, all started on a shoestring budget, he is...


... all from one small office!

Since Corey practices what he preaches,repparttar 131798 tips, tricks, and techniques that he teaches ARE NOT based on fluff theory. Instead, they arerepparttar 131799 "real deal" strategies that Corey has personally developed and proved to be enormously profitable!

It's no wonder that Corey's course "The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet" literally crushed repparttar 131800 competition and BECAME THE #1 BEST-SELLING INTERNET MARKETING COURSE OVERNIGHT!

In this 1000+ page Internet marketing bible, Corey exposes you to every single strategy and technique that you must know if you want to start, build, and grow a successful business onrepparttar 131801 Internet, fromrepparttar 131802 ground up, including...

1. Web page promotion and design 2. Getting ranked atrepparttar 131803 top of search engines 3. Turning leads into lifetime customers with e-mail marketing 4. Building a responsive opt-in e-mail list -- FAST 5. Exploiting AOL and other online services 6. Free and low-cost online classified ads that produce sales 7. Dominating your market with affiliate/reseller/ associate programs 8. Newsgroup promotions 9. Snowballing your profits with autoresponders 10. How and when to promote yourself on bulletin boards 11. Getting links from high traffic sites 12. Sales strategies 13. Writing killer ad copy 14. Banner ads (tips and tricks) 15. Profiting with discussion lists and newsletters 16. Completely automating your business 17. Getting your own Visa/MasterCard/AmEx account -- with ZERO COSTS

... and this is justrepparttar 131804 tip ofrepparttar 131805 iceberg! Even if you are a complete newbie or a seasoned Internet marketer, I guarantee you will benefit fromrepparttar 131806 unconventional tips and tricks that Corey will show you. Strategies like...

- How he fooled search engines and directories into making him $51,925 in 14 weeks, and how he still uses them to make $15,000+ per month. Do this just once, and your job is finished; within 30 days, you'll have a PERMANENT INCOME STREAM that will cover your house payments or rent forever.

Why Google AdSense Is Not the Nail in the Coffin of Affiliate Programs

Written by Clay Mabbitt

By now most people have seen Google's new AdSense ads appearing on some of their favorite websites. Extendingrepparttar same algorithms that make such a robust search-engine, Google is able to provide webmasters with advertisements related torepparttar 131796 content of any given web page. Simply add a few lines of code, and up to 4 classified ads (nearly identical to Google's AdWords included in Google search results) will appear onrepparttar 131797 page. Webmasters receive part ofrepparttar 131798 revenue Google collects when a visitors clicks on one of these ads.

I willingly admit AdSense has a few advantages with which today's affiliate programs simply can't compete. Featuring a "set it and forget it" mentality, AdSense allows you to spend a few minutes setting up your page and know that fresh content will appear each time your visitors return, without any additional work on your part. The closest I've seen an affiliate program come to this is Amazon allowing you to displayrepparttar 131799 top sellers in a given category at any time. It isn't as versatile as AdSense, though, and it does take more time and effort to setup.

The other striking advantage AdSense has over affiliate programs isrepparttar 131800 range of content pages for which it is appropriate. If you have a page about web site hosting, there is no shortage of web site hosting affiliate programs that will help you generate revenue and provide additional information for your visitors. Create a page aboutrepparttar 131801 American Civil War, though, and you will have a hard time finding an affiliate program that relates to your content. Civil War webmasters should sign up for AdSense and Google will provide several paying links that will likely be of interest to visitors.

Lest you thinkrepparttar 131802 title of this article was an accident, let me explain where AdSense falls short. The reporting and tracking available is bare bones. All you get isrepparttar 131803 number of impressions, clicks, and total earned for each day. The lack of information about which page on your site generatedrepparttar 131804 click and whatrepparttar 131805 text ofrepparttar 131806 ad was makes it difficult to know how to improve your conversion rate.

Somewhat inexplicably, part ofrepparttar 131807 AdSense user agreement requires that you not disclose your AdSense statistics to other webmasters. The only explanation I can imagine is Google wants to prevent anyone from crackingrepparttar 131808 algorithms they use in calculating payments. Which leads to my next point…

Google is not disclosing how your earnings are calculated. At least in these early stages ofrepparttar 131809 program,repparttar 131810 revenue is high enough that no one is complaining. Some reports that I've read indicate earnings per click of $.25 up to a dollar and higher for some keywords. My personal experience with AdSense lends credence to these claims, but Google is in no way obligated to maintain these amounts.

Of course,repparttar 131811 ads that Google provides aren't always relevant. If your page discusses "cellular mitosis" in great detail, including AdSense on your page is going to present your visitors with cellular phone advertisements. A determined advertiser with deep pockets can also force an ad onto your page even if it doesn't relate to your content. As I'm writing this article,repparttar 131812 top advertisement that appears onrepparttar 131813 signup page for my monthly newsletter is about mortgage interest rates.

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