Courage to Change

Written by Ernest Quansah

This is a story about a woman we will call Anne, a thirty-five-year-old woman who concluded that she could never find a man. She determined that loneliness was her fate and thus went as far as accepting it as fact. Her case proves what I have discovered in advising single men and women: it does not matter what your circumstances are, every man or woman can and is able to find a happy relationship or reach their potential by makingrepparttar right choices.

Anne was a very beautiful and educated woman. Beneath her beauty were a lot of problems that I never imagined. She had grown up in a family where she was led to believe that no man would ever want her. She wasrepparttar 149440 best looking and best educated among her family members. Yet for many years she worked inrepparttar 149441 family business for minimum wage. The sad part was she was willing to work under those terms untilrepparttar 149442 day she died, because she had accepted that she wasrepparttar 149443 black sheep ofrepparttar 149444 family.

One ofrepparttar 149445 ideas I suggested to Anne, to help her to stop thinking she would never find love, was to start dating. But she was even afraid to date. Whenrepparttar 149446 suggestion was made, Anne declined, saying, “But who wants me? No man will date a woman like me.” I tried my very best to let Anne know that she was a very attractive woman. All she needed to do was believe there was a man out there for her.

She was so concerned that no man would accept her,repparttar 149447 thought of having to start dating made her cry. I personally began feeling sorry for her. I could not understand why she was so afraid to venture outside. I finally reached a point whererepparttar 149448 only choice I had left in my attempt to help Anne was to give her an ultimatum. I told her: “Anne, you can do it. I am willing to help you but if you are going to come to me for advice, only to make one excuse afterrepparttar 149449 other, then why bother? Don’t waste my time. Anne, you must try. Give guys a chance to take you out at least inrepparttar 149450 daytime. If you are concerned, tell someone about your date, your date’s name and phone number, where you will be going and what time you should be arriving home.

“Don’t let your date pick you up from your mom’s house,” I told her. “Meet him somewhere inrepparttar 149451 open. This way he does not know where you live and you will not have to worry about him coming to look for you.” I proceeded to tell Anne that unless she was willing to try, I didn’t see any reason why she should continue coming to me for help.

Atrepparttar 149452 same time, I knew a spiritual couple who were visiting fromrepparttar 149453 U.S. I invited Anne to have dinner with me andrepparttar 149454 couple inrepparttar 149455 hopes thatrepparttar 149456 woman could befriend Anne. Anne told me she didn’t have any friends. The only people she saw were myself and a couple of friends I had introduced her to. Unfortunately, none of them wanted to befriend Anne, because she was so negative about everything. People simply did not want to be around her. Afterrepparttar 149457 dinner was over, we all began to converse.

The advantages of easily selling information products on eBay

Written by Marius van Dyk

Everyday more and more people are making a living out of selling information products on eBay. They set up an automated information products business, because it does not require much time nor money and it can bring great returns.

What is an information product? As its name indicates, is a product full of information, which is normally sold as an ebook. This information can be about anything (although you obviously want to sell an ebook in which people will be interested), from how to sell your used car to magic tricks;repparttar scope is inmense.

Browse on eBay by searching for "ebook" and ticking "search in both item title and description". You will see what is being sold atrepparttar 148137 moment: ebooks about UFO phenomena, how to get traffic to your website, how to read music, body-building, evenrepparttar 148138 Bible.

You can choose to do a bit of research on a topic that people would be interested in and put together an ebook, or you can sell public domain information, likerepparttar 148139 Grimm brothers fairy tales, Kafka's works, or Poe's poems.

Why information products? What isrepparttar 148140 added value on selling information products? It has many advantages both for you and for your customers. It avoidsrepparttar 148141 three "S": stocking, selling, and shipping. You do not need to spend anything on production nor in shipping costs. Pretty much all you need is a computer and conexion torepparttar 148142 Internet. You do not need to do much selling, other than writing your listing: you put it on eBay andrepparttar 148143 customers buy it without you having to say anything. It is advisable to keep account ofrepparttar 148144 information products you sell.

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