Courage is Needed Now

Written by Robina Hearle

Courage is needed now because of earth, climatic and energy changes which are affecting our lives.

Myself and many Reiki Masters and therapists work when we are asleep, travelling and doing healing and rescue work. This is because there are global changes occuring, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unprecedented weather, floods, forest fires, landslides, wars and civil unrest to name but a few. These occurences have prompted our recruitment by those in spirit to work at night. The recruitment took place at a Reiki Share one evening by a Tibetan Lama who told me, Hilary a clairvoyant and another friend Jane that we were to do this work and to meditate once a week, so we could be prepared.

A year and a half later and many global events on, we are still working at night and even afternoon naps, feeling exhausted duringrepparttar day. Thankrepparttar 122233 universe for flower essences that have keep us sane and ever expanding. We are given energy when we are in need byrepparttar 122234 White Brotherhood who guide us to work and keep us safe. Our overall vibrational frequences have been raised so that we can cope withrepparttar 122235 work. We have been passed from Lama to a higher vibrational guide known as Star of Joseph. I asked Star of Joseph if he would be willing to make an essence for this time. He was very keen and enthusiastic to help and for it to be widely distributed. While Hilary and I meditated one evening He infused a bowl of spring water, there were hundreds of bubbles in it atrepparttar 122236 finish. The essence we were told was to be called Water of Enlightenment - it gives people courage. It helps people after a trauma, personal or global. The essence gives peoplerepparttar 122237 courage to facerepparttar 122238 difficulties that lie ahead. The traumas will release deep fears and emotions in people that have been locked in. Water of Enlightenment has been especially formulated to help with this process.

The Problem of Unconsciousness

Written by Peter M.K. Chan

======================================== The Problem of Unconsciousness Author: Peter M.K. Chan This is one ofrepparttar problems raised in my book titled Soul, God, and Morality againstrepparttar 122232 belief inrepparttar 122233 persistence of persons as souls in a spiritual hereafter. All rights reserved ========================================

Does it take a soul to have a mind? In this short article, I shall refer to those who believe that it is so as soul theorists. I shall contend that this belief is actually vulnerable to a couple of commonsensical facts that have largely been ignored. It is that if human consciousness and memory were really carried byrepparttar 122234 soul rather thanrepparttar 122235 body-brain, two troublesome questions in particular would have to be addressed. (1) Why should anyone become temporarily unconscious whenrepparttar 122236 body-brain is made to suffer a severe blow or is put under general anaesthesia? (2) Why should anyone fail to remember his/her own past when he/she gets too old or after having suffered certain injuries torepparttar 122237 brain?

Ofrepparttar 122238 first question, it has always been a second nature of sorts to assume that if it is a fact that a tired body is usually accompanied by a tired mind, and if there is no problem in accepting that a sleeping body is also indicative of a sleeping soul, it should also goes without saying that whenrepparttar 122239 body blacks out, so should its soul. Reasonable as this way of reasoning may seem, let me say thatrepparttar 122240 question has not really been answered. The question is: if it isrepparttar 122241 soul that carries oneís consciousness, why shouldrepparttar 122242 soul go out of consciousness whenrepparttar 122243 blackout blow or anaesthesia is delivered torepparttar 122244 body-brain?

It should be observed that byrepparttar 122245 light ofrepparttar 122246 soul theory, body-brains are in and of themselves cognitive inert anyway. It should also be observed that it would not help to reason that as inrepparttar 122247 case of one who died, an unconscious body means a departed soul. For unlikerepparttar 122248 case of someone who is dead, our unconscious friend (or his soul rather, as presumed) does return to consciousness at some point after blackout. And if this return to consciousness is to be understood in terms of a soulís rejoining its body whenrepparttar 122249 latter is sufficiently onrepparttar 122250 mend, there are still much that need to be explained. Inrepparttar 122251 first instance, why shouldrepparttar 122252 soul regain consciousness only whenrepparttar 122253 body has sufficiently recovered? And why is it that upon its return to consciousness, such a soul does not really know what has happened either torepparttar 122254 body or itself duringrepparttar 122255 interim? In other words, why shouldrepparttar 122256 soul, as carrier of consciousness, lose consciousness when its bodily habitat is temporarily out of whack?

It is not open torepparttar 122257 soul theorist to imagine that under such extraordinary circumstance,repparttar 122258 soul must be taking some kind of a spiritual coffee break. For if consciousness is onrepparttar 122259 side ofrepparttar 122260 soul, there is no reason why a conscious soul taking a break should become unconscious. What is worse is that it is usuallyrepparttar 122261 case that when consciousness is subsequently restored, this soul that had presumably been on spiritual break does not seem to have encountered anything spiritual duringrepparttar 122262 interim either. Ofrepparttar 122263 second question: why should anyone lose part of his/her memory when he/she gets too old or suffered certain injuries torepparttar 122264 brain? That is to say, if memory were also onrepparttar 122265 side ofrepparttar 122266 soul, there is no reason why anyone, or his/her soul rather, should suffer amnesia when certain parts ofrepparttar 122267 brain is damaged, or senile dementia when it gets too old. If one were not to fall forrepparttar 122268 claim of some (the ancient Orphic, Pythagoras for instance, amongst others who might have also tried) that they could in fact remember many of their previous existences, it should be seen thatrepparttar 122269 soul theorists do indeed have some very troublesome troubles on their hands.

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