Country Pastimes 3: Impromptu farm concerts

Written by Simon Mitchell

Sincerepparttar demise of foxhunting and hunting with dogs inrepparttar 147237 countryside, there are thousands of dispossessed toffs wandering around with nothing to do. To compensate we offer hererepparttar 147238 new shape of country activities.

I was inrepparttar 147239 garden playing a guitar that attractedrepparttar 147240 attention of a small bird. It positioned itself overhead inrepparttar 147241 willow tree and proceeded to drop caterpillars fromrepparttar 147242 leaves onto my head - feeding me as a reward forrepparttar 147243 music. It made me wonder how much wild or farm animals might like music.

The photographs here evidence an impromptu harmonica concert given to a field of bullocks. I played No Place Like Hometorepparttar 147244 lead bullock, who warmed up gradually and called his mates over for a gander. I positioned myself safely inrepparttar 147245 hedgerow, well out of reach in case they should mob me in their fervour forrepparttar 147246 music. Slowlyrepparttar 147247 moshing pit formed as they edged in to listen.

They nodded along to Frere Jacques keeping surprisingly accurate tempo with their tails. It was not until I played Going to Alabama with a Banjo on my Knee that a couple of them started dancing, doing a little shimmy with their front hooves that was very similar torepparttar 147248 dance Hank Marvin andrepparttar 147249 Shadows used to do.

The Bare Truth About My Butt Quiz

Written by Timothy Ward

Forget aboutrepparttar SAT, never mindrepparttar 147028 FCAT, and remove forever from you mind any thoughts aboutrepparttar 147029 ACT. All these test pale in comparision torepparttar 147030 examination that I just failed. Failing those test may have minor repurcussions like never making it into college and therefore being forced to work at fast food resturants well into you 40's. That's nothing. I just flunked a quiz that could scar me for life.

This morning I was doing my usual morning ritual of checking my email and all my affiliate programs to see if I had made any money online yesterday. I hadn't, in fact I never do, but I've found it's a great way to waste an hour or two. What usually happens is I get sidetracked by some banner or pop-up and I end up lost inrepparttar 147031 middle of cyberspace signing up for a free registration to some weird website just so I can get a free ebook with a title like 'Online Profits From Artichoke Juice!". This morning, however, I stumbled across a real winner. I came across a link that I just had to click. I was at reading redneck jokes when I saw 'Fun Quizzes: Can you guess which butts are male or female?

Fromrepparttar 147032 extreme look of excitement in your eyes I can tell that you feelrepparttar 147033 same way I felt when I sawrepparttar 147034 Butt Quiz link. My first thought was: 'Pictures of female butts! Yeeeessss! And it's a quiz so I don't have to feel dirty about it. It's educational! Yeeeesssss! I immediately clickedrepparttar 147035 link and started my quiz.

In hindsight(no pun intended),repparttar 147036 expression 'Fools Rush In' comes to mind. I blindly rushed into this quiz in a testosterone induced urge to look at female hindparts and I forgot to thinkrepparttar 147037 whole thing through. I forgot to take a moment and reflect. I forgot that there were going to be male hindparts onrepparttar 147038 quiz too. Hairy male hindparts. In thongs.

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