Counting Them Happy

Written by Joyce C. Lock

"Take ...repparttar ... prophets for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience ... we count them happy which endure," Ja. 5 10-11.

Satan has used this passage to rob us of a victorious life. Any happiness you see is likely just a cover.

It is often thought we're to patiently endure whatever horrible things that come our way, to be victims of our circumstance. The only blessings we expect to see are inrepparttar 126902 life to come.

Occasionally, I've heard well intended Christians say, "We're never going to get throughrepparttar 126903 trials of this life until we get to Heaven."

I have this urge to respond, "Don't say that! IT ISN'T TRUE!" But, I also understand that they wouldn't say it except they don't know.

The prophets weren't victims. They suffered more because they went through allrepparttar 126904 issues ofrepparttar 126905 inner man so they could come back and teachrepparttar 126906 people how to overcome. And, they did so holding on torepparttar 126907 promises of God!

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Have you ever attended a church service and thought, "Yuck! This church is dead," then attended elsewhere and thought, "Wow! God is there," as you felt personally touched by His presence?

You may have noticed one bragging about how their wonderful schemes got them through difficult situations, and thought them a jerk. Though, you might've been reminded of God's love when someone spoke, with a quiver in their voice, of how God helped them to make it through.

Maybe someone made a list of everything they've ever done for you, as if you owed them. But when someone said, "You can thank me by loving others in need," it became a pleasure to both give and receive.

Perhaps you've experienced someone pointing at your imperfections in anger or rattling of 25 Bible verses so loud you didn't hear a word they said. Yet, when someone came off their pedestal to meet you where you were (and taught you how to overcome your weak-ness, fear, and insecurity), you were set free.

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