Count Rumford - VIP Spy

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Why did FDR say Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Count Rumford wererepparttar three most important Americans? (1) Why didrepparttar 144162 Holy Roman Empire andrepparttar 144163 Hapsburgs make Benjamin Thompson a nobleman? James Bond had nothing on this man of mystery.

FDR lauds their intellect and does not say why they were truly all that important. He is part ofrepparttar 144164 same ‘octopus’ but at a lower level or ‘front’ for political purposes. Jefferson was a politician as was Franklin too, but that is not why they are so important. Ben Franklin might have been an agent or double agent forrepparttar 144165 plutocrats and oligarchs who were playing both sides ofrepparttar 144166 freedom fence while expanding their power. He was a member ofrepparttar 144167 Rosicrucian Council of Three along with Paine. Jefferson was a Newtonian alchemist or scientist who was selected and trained very early in life as part ofrepparttar 144168 Merovingian genetic program and he went on to do a lot of miscegenating himself. Clearly none of this will be laid before you in any exam to pass your citizenship tests. But Rumford was given a Royal title byrepparttar 144169 Hapsburg or Holy Roman Emperors and worked withrepparttar 144170 British Royals they are part of a Holy Alliance (see Treaty of Verona etc.). Here is a little dribble about him that also makes mention of ancient electricity even though it does not detail Numa’s machines which are inrepparttar 144171 British Museum.

“Two thousand years ago, a number of Greek and Roman philosophers (notably Thales of Miletus and Pliny who was killed while trying to studyrepparttar 144172 eruption of Vesuvius ofrepparttar 144173 year 79 when Pompeii and Herculaneum were buried beneathrepparttar 144174 ashes) had noticedrepparttar 144175 strange antics of bits of straw and of feather which were held near a piece of amber which was being rubbed with a bit of wool. The schoolmen ofrepparttar 144176 Middle Ages had not been interested in this mysterious ``electric'' power. But immediately afterrepparttar 144177 Renaissance, William Gilbert,repparttar 144178 private physician of Queen Elizabeth, wrote his famous treatise onrepparttar 144179 character and behaviour of Magnets. Duringrepparttar 144180 Thirty Years War Otto von Guericke,repparttar 144181 burgomaster of Magdeburg andrepparttar 144182 inventor ofrepparttar 144183 air-pump, constructedrepparttar 144184 first electrical machine. Duringrepparttar 144185 next century a large number of scientists devoted themselves torepparttar 144186 study of electricity. Not less than three professors inventedrepparttar 144187 famous Leyden Jar inrepparttar 144188 year 1795. Atrepparttar 144189 same time, Benjamin Franklin,repparttar 144190 most universal genius of America next to Benjamin Thomson (who after his flight from New Hampshire on account of his pro-British sympathies became known as Count Rumford) was devoting his attention to this subject. He discovered that lightning andrepparttar 144191 electric spark were manifestations ofrepparttar 144192 same electric power and continued his electric studies untilrepparttar 144193 end of his busy and useful life. Then came Volta with his famous ‘electric pile' and Galvani and Day andrepparttar 144194 Danish professor Hans Christian Oersted and Ampere and Arago and Faraday, all of them diligent searchers afterrepparttar 144195 true nature ofrepparttar 144196 electric forces.” (2)

Druidic University

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


Long before there was a Rome or Eternal City there was a Druidic University near Rennes-le-Chateau. Just as we saw Oxford University was built atrepparttar same locationrepparttar 144161 Pheryllts (Druidic Alchemists likerepparttar 144162 Cabiri discussed by Lewis Spence) had a university you will find many locations sacred torepparttar 144163 Kelts are usurped by Rome/Bruttii. Chartrés is one ofrepparttar 144164 most intriguing of these sites. Rome made it a custom to build onrepparttar 144165 old cultures roads and churches or other sacred sites starting with Constantine and Heliopolis. I highly recommend Fulcanelli’s Les Mysteres des Cathedrales if you can find it and if you are able to intuit code. Here is a little wisdom from a man who mentions Fulcanelli. The language ofrepparttar 144166 region Saunière grew up in is in fact ‘of Occamy’ or Alchemy. It is Langue D’Oc (camy) or Languedoc. In factrepparttar 144167 whole region is sometimes called by this name. When he mentionsrepparttar 144168 Language ofrepparttar 144169 Birds he is addressingrepparttar 144170 Bardic Troubadours ofrepparttar 144171 Hibernian system. It is BRD and my last name.

Vincent Bridges is onrepparttar 144172 right track as he knowsrepparttar 144173 Green Languages andrepparttar 144174 Language ofrepparttar 144175 Birds which was originally BRD in vowel less script and symbols that became language or alphabets. Thomas Carlyle and his Cant is there too. Here is what Mr. Bridges says which ties Jesus intorepparttar 144176 forum of adept Hibernians or Gaedhils.

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