Cosmetics & Toiletries - Global Outsourcing & Private Label Manufacturing

Written by Rasik Botadra

Hi, My name is Rasik Botadra, am currently working as an Analyst with business news magazine & new papers.

I am writing this article in view of India emerging as Highly potential Global Outsourcing & Solutions Provider for finished Consumer products & General Merchandise. India has always kept her stand in Global competition right fromrepparttar beginning for Finished Products such as Cosmetic & Toiletries but limited to certain market segments.

After recent globalization and change in policiesrepparttar 125384 opportunities for manufacturers & exporters have widen. Today we can say thatrepparttar 125385 producers are coming-off their age from traditional methods. The developments are becoming trend setting. The Manufacturers are versatile to cope up withrepparttar 125386 vibrant consumer behavior.

The globalization in terms of foreign trends & acceptability has penetrated finely intorepparttar 125387 Indian buying market and so isrepparttar 125388 Local manufacturer’s struggle to captivaterepparttar 125389 opportunities by matchingrepparttar 125390 same trends & international qualities.

The practice of quality control & organizational management has improved drastically by emergence of New generation working as a Team work. All this things has together gained importance for a Foreign Buyer seeking his eyes to create a valuable outsourcing partner in India.

What’s so appealing about Outsourcing a Cosmetic Product for a European Buyer from India? We discuss here some important aspects for this

1.The Research base in India have revolutionalized with exceptional Education. Indian cosmetic companies employs experienced cosmetologist & PHDs for research & product development. 2.Indian Engineering Industry have created State ofrepparttar 125391 Art Process machineries for renowned Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic Industries worldwide. Its inevitable thatrepparttar 125392 Process engineering today is expertly competed by India.

New-age Paint Thickening & Rheological Additives: Solvitex & Solvizen

Written by Mr. R. S. Subramanium

For Paint Manufacturers worldwide, there has come a radical new development inrepparttar legion of Thickening Agents & Colloidal stabilizer for Aqueous Latex Paints. So far most ofrepparttar 125383 companies producing aqueous Paint emulsions,repparttar 125384 most preferred thickening agent was Hydroxy ethyl cellulose (HEC). The HEC based thixotropic additives is produced by some ofrepparttar 125385 renowned multi-national companies such as Hercules, Akzo Nobel & Dow.

Here we refer to a Biopolymer based on Polysacchride derived from controlled derivatisation process from plant origin. The product developed by Asian Trade Link Chemicals Division in India has already been a successful venture for replacement of HECs for many paint companies. The Product is known as Solvitex thickening agent & colloidal stabilizer.

The solvitex range of products is offered in wide range of viscosities of aqueous solutions. It comes in Powder form of Offwhite color andrepparttar 125386 thickening properties are similar to HEC.

Butrepparttar 125387 Advantages of Solviex against HECs are many. The prime factor isrepparttar 125388 stability & economic pricing. Its been observed that for a Medium viscosity range of products such as Natrosol 250 HBR or Bermcoll 381repparttar 125389 intial drop after settling is by 20% and thenrepparttar 125390 finished paint adheres to be stable for six months.andrepparttar 125391 viscosity further drops. Solvitex has an initial drop of settling to 10% andrepparttar 125392 product is stable in physical observation for more than 1year exhibitingrepparttar 125393 same viscosity.

As known by many Paint technicians, its inevitable thatrepparttar 125394 stability of thickening agent after incorporating inrepparttar 125395 Paint system, is delicate towards wide temperature changes. Especially applicable for Export shipments whenrepparttar 125396 Paint under goes through various temperature conditions during its transit. A sudden drop & rise in outside temperature can effectrepparttar 125397 stability. Solvitex has potentially proven to be stable under those conditions.

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