Cosmetic Dentistry - Your Way To A Dazzling Smile

Written by Catherine Olivia

Open any magazine and look atrepparttar movie stars and starlets strutting their stuff downrepparttar 146144 red carpet and what do you notice? Besides all those designer gowns and tuxes, all these stars seem to have been born with perfectly straight pearly whites. Lucky them you think, good genetics. Well, think again. With a visit to a competent cosmetic dentist you too can have a smile to rival that of Mona Lisa.

Cosmetic dentistry is following right onrepparttar 146145 heels of cosmetic surgery. Rememberrepparttar 146146 make-over show ABC's Extreme Makeover, where they took a person for 30 days and did a complete make over, and I mean COMPLETE - from head to toe? What a differencerepparttar 146147 dental restorations made.

Not only is cosmetic dentistry just forrepparttar 146148 vain. It is used to treat any number of dental maladies, from rotted teeth and broken teeth to congenitally missing teeth, to large gaps and spaces in between teeth.

Various techniques are used in cosmetic dentistry. After a consultation with your dentist you will decide which one is right for you. Sometimes a combination of two is used.

The simplest and easiest way to make a dazzling change in your smile is teeth whitening. This can be done in a dental office or at home using tray based bleaching products. Bleaching done inrepparttar 146149 dental office isrepparttar 146150 quickest and most effective way to whiter teeth. Of course, depending on what type of in office whitening is usedrepparttar 146151 cost can vary between $600.00 and $2000.00.

Forget Exercise - Go Play

Written by Don Stuart

Can't seem to getrepparttar energy or motivation to exercise? Forget exercise - go play. For most of us exercise is a chore. So many people hate to exercise, or just can't get motivated to start an exercise program. If you are one of those, forget about exercise, go play.

Make it a point to play everyday. Find a partner. Go golfing, swimming, shoot baskets, tennis, volleyball, play catch, any kind of sport that gets you moving. Every day. You may need a different partner each day - find one.

Get on your bicycles and go siteseeing. Get with a partner or group and go horseback riding. Go torepparttar 146094 parks and explorerepparttar 146095 trails. Play volleyball, badminton, anything to become active. Remember to start slow and work your way up to playing an hour or two each day.

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