Corporate Roads Less Traveled: A Guide For Freelance Writers

Written by Mary Anne Hahn

When targeting any corporation for freelance work, most writers contactrepparttar communications department. It makes sense, after all, thatrepparttar 129502 department responsible forrepparttar 129503 majority of a company's external and internal communications would haverepparttar 129504 greatest potential need for freelancers.

But having worked in a large insurance company for over 15 years, I can vouch forrepparttar 129505 fact thatrepparttar 129506 need for strong writers exists throughoutrepparttar 129507 organization, not just in communications. Andrepparttar 129508 management in these other departments often realize that need. But they probably won't even think to seek out a freelancer--unless you make them aware of your availability, and show them how you might help them solve one or more problems within their areas.

Moreover, this fact doesn't apply only to insurance companies. Utilities, banks, hospitals, brokerage firms, and a wide variety of other organizations frequently have similar departments, with similar needs. You just have to know where to look, and whom to contact.

The following list, although by no means exhaustive, contains corporate "roads less traveled" where enterprising writers might be able to pick up freelance work:

Customer Service Departments

I list this one first, only because I've spent a good deal of my own work history inrepparttar 129509 customer service sector, so I know firsthand what writing needs exist there.

A certain amount of service for many companies is done via correspondence--either through form letters or more personalized responses from a representative to a customer. Often these form letters could use a professional writer's touch, or these representatives could use business writing training. Some organizations might even hire a writer to assist them with their correspondence backlogs, or withrepparttar 129510 creation of new form letters.

Another idea would be to offer employee newsletters targeted to customer service departments. The newsletter might include Service Employee ofrepparttar 129511 Month, customer service tips and articles, motivational quotes and stress-reducing techniques and exercises. If you've ever worked in a customer service department, you'd understand how valuable this type of newsletter could be in terms of employee morale.

Human Resources Departments

Next to communications, HR departments probably producerepparttar 129512 most documentation within an organization, and most likely would be open to assistance in doing so. From developing company policies to job descriptions, from posting fliers announcing upcoming company events to handling employee benefits paperwork, human resource professionals for whom writing may not come easily need to constantly communicate torepparttar 129513 rest ofrepparttar 129514 company in writing. Can you help them get their messages out clearly and professionally? If so, freelance opportunities await.


Written by Mary Anne Hahn

For many of us who live inrepparttar Northern hemisphere,repparttar 129500 month of July means vacation, swimming, boating, picnics and camping. Long hot days entice us to slow down, turn off computers and televisions, and grab a spot inrepparttar 129501 shade of a leafy tree with a good book and a glass of cold lemonade. The very last thing most of us are thinking about is Christmas.

But writers should be. Thinking about Christmas, that is. Sure, it's still nearly six months away, but if you plan for it now, you'll be ready whenrepparttar 129502 holiday season arrives.

And I'm not talking about doing your holiday shopping. July isrepparttar 129503 month to begin your holiday *writing*. Because those very same people who are frolicking outside today will start heading back indoors come September or October. They'll start making their own holiday plans. And, if you start now, you'll be ready for them.

You probably already know that you need to submit seasonal short stories, essays and article queries to print periodicals months in advance. But here are some other ideas you can begin to work on in July that can earn you some excellent income in December:

1. Offer a family holiday newsletter service. Holiday newsletters have become a popular way for people to catch each other up on family news that happened duringrepparttar 129504 past year. Sometimes they are merely letters; others are more elaborate, with photos to accompanyrepparttar 129505 news. You can set up a few templates, plan your advertising blitz now, and be ready to go before autumn nipsrepparttar 129506 air. A little preplanning can bring you a lot of business.

2. Write a Christmas memories book about your hometown. This could make a great stocking stuffer or a gift for those who love reading about history and holiday traditions. Have a press release ready for your local newspaper to promote your book, and start getting to know your local book dealers. An excellent guide for creating and selling your own Christmas memories book can be found here: http:/ .

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