Corporate Identity: Put Your Best Face Forward

Written by Steve Yankee

How you present your company, particularly in a first-time situation, has a lot to do with how you're perceived inrepparttar marketplace.

Sad but true, you may be an absolute whiz with your equipment and you may be a virtual expert in your chosen field, but if your company looks like a bunch of amateurs, you personally may be treated like one, and not getrepparttar 100955 respect (orrepparttar 100956 big budget projects) that you so rightfully deserve.

If you've ever worked for a big corporation, no doubt you've been specifically told how to use their logo, what typeface to use for their name, and what corporate colors you must use for reproduction of same. You may even have been handed a bulky "Corporate Graphics Standards" binder, replete with color swatches and exacting dimensions of everything from door signs to envelopes. The name ofrepparttar 100957 game is "corporate identity." And it's just as important for you as it is any Fortune 500 company.

When you strip away allrepparttar 100958 clutter and marketing gobbledygook,repparttar 100959 real purpose of a corporate identification program is to produce a system of graphics that is professional, attractive and that will enhancerepparttar 100960 image of your firm. Such a program should encompass all aspects of visual communications --including your stationery, advertising, packaging, brochures, signage, trade show booth design, and other printed material that will be viewed by both current and potential clients.

Okay, so you're not quite atrepparttar 100961 level of General Motors or Microsoft. It doesn't matter what size you are. Establishing and maintaining your corporate identification is very important in your marketplace --whether you're doing business on a local, regional or national scale.

Why? Simple. Because whether you're a company of one, or a company of 100 people, you want people to remember you; you want to look like you know what you're doing; you want to look stable, creative and --most of all --professional.

Let me tell you how we made my last company look much larger than life.

Great Lakes Video Services was incorporated about a dozen years ago. Atrepparttar 100962 time of our inception,repparttar 100963 staff consisted of yours truly, my partner and two part-time technicians, and we had two dinky offices on a side street office building.

We were little. But we wanted to look larger than life. We wanted to look like we were well-established (which we weren't), savvy (which we were), professional (yep), businesslike (ditto), and creative (fer sure!)

Get Maximum Impact With Your Yellow Pages Ad!

Written by Steve Yankee

The Yellow Pages are a terrific medium because of one simple reason: they are a directive medium, as opposed to a creative medium, such as a newspaper ad or tv spot. In other words, people use them when they’re ready to buy.

Which means you can(and should)load up your ad with everything you want to say about your capabilities and services --and people will read literally EVERY word. Because forrepparttar most part, they've already decided to buy, and your Yellow Pages ad is your best possible opportunity to get them to call you so you can CLOSErepparttar 100954 sale!

What should go into your ad -the RASCIL factors...

People are influenced in their Yellow Pages calling (and buying) decisions by several factors:

-Reliability -Authorization -Security -Completeness of Service -Illustrations -Location

Let's take each point, one at a time, starting with RELIABILITY. Key phrases you should use in your ad include: * Your XX years of experience * Are you a member of a professional association? Say so. * Satisfaction guaranteed or any other guarantees you offer

AUTHORIZATION * Authorized sales/service for name brand manufacturers? Say so.

SECURITY * Do you store goods in a safe? * Are you insured, bonded? * Is your work done on-premises?

COMPLETENESS OF SERVICE * Do you haverepparttar 100955 latest and best equipment * Do you offer multiple lines of goods for best selection? * Free pickup and delivery? * Free estimates and initial consultation? * List your hours.("Open Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 5:30" or whatever. Be accessible!) * Allrepparttar 100956 services you provide * Your phone number. This should berepparttar 100957 largest component in your ad.

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