Corporate Coaching - Why Coach? C(5)+ED

Written by CMOE Development Team

Is it possible to make a strong “business case for corporate coaching?” Why is coaching vital to organizations? Why should leaders invest time developing their coaching skills? These are tough, important questions that organizations should consider before implementing coaching.

The need for corporate coaching certainly depends onrepparttar situation. In some cases, it could be argued that time spent learning and doing coaching provides only small returns. If you have an operation with few people doing routine or rather insignificant tasks, it probably won’t matter if managers can coach, develop, and lead people. But, in an entirely different environment,repparttar 137849 quality of corporate coaching and feedback could matter a great deal.

- For Example,repparttar 137850 New York Times reported on an investigational survey of medical interns and residents. The results ofrepparttar 137851 survey stated that nearly half ofrepparttar 137852 interns failed to report mistakes and discuss situations with supervising physicians.

How can people effectively learn and develop when key people are unwilling to approach leaders, and leaders are too busy “putting out fires” instead of teaching and coaching in response to performance issues. When seeking medical care, most of us would prefer a health care professional who has not only received technical schooling, but has also benefited from a trusted coach and mentor who has shared honest feedback and wisdom that only comes from experience.

How do you know if you are inrepparttar 137853 type of business or organization where corporate coaching is value added? Consider applyingrepparttar 137854 following formula: C(5)+ED. Although it sounds scientific,repparttar 137855 formula is actually an easy way to diagnosis whether or not you should invest time and money in perfecting coaching skills and applying them inrepparttar 137856 workplace.

The following survey identifiesrepparttar 137857 components ofrepparttar 137858 C(5)+ED formula. C(5)+ED isrepparttar 137859 ultimate test in determining how much time, money, and energy to invest in corporate coaching and development.


Does your business deal with strong competition?YesNo

Do you have to fight for market share and profitability?YesNo

If you are lucky enough to have a virtual monopoly overrepparttar 137860 competition, then you probably won’t feelrepparttar 137861 pressure to excel or requirerepparttar 137862 very best thinking and craftsmanship for sales, production, or technical/professional people. But, if you answered “yes” to either question, you need leaders who are capable of influencingrepparttar 137863 behavior of others.


Does your organization/culture require innovation, independent action, and voluntary motivation?YesNo

If you are able to “enforce” compliance, and you really don’t need people to think creatively, then you are offrepparttar 137864 hook. But, if you answered “yes” to this question, you need leaders who know how to communicate, inspire, and bring outrepparttar 137865 desire in team members to “give it their all.”


Is your business dynamic, complex, and fast-paced?YesNo

If you answered “yes,” you need people who can adapt to changes in technology,repparttar 137866 marketplace, or new programs and products. You need leaders who can guide, encourage, and help people overcome resistance to change.


Does your business culture stressrepparttar 137867 importance of values, principles, teamwork, ethical behavior, etc.?YesNo

If you answered “yes,” then you need leaders to promote, coach, and hold team members accountable for their behavior. You need leaders who set an example, and gainrepparttar 137868 respect of others. You need leaders who will speak up and stand up forrepparttar 137869 ideals thatrepparttar 137870 organization promotes.

Use Job Search Hacks to Get Hired Faster

Written by Marta L. Driesslein, CECC

Baffled byrepparttar latest U.S. Labor stats about jobless claims? Two-sided confusion; cautious optimism and wolf-criers. No need to spin your wheels wondering. There’s a no-hassle solution torepparttar 137834 unemployment news blues. You’ll have to run your search fundamentally different than your pals to findrepparttar 137835 next great career. Don’t do it solo.

Job searching alone is like hitchhiking a scary ride with an unknown stranger on a 180-mile long deserted, no-exit road with hopes you’ll make your destination. When you lack time or expertise to plan career moves carefully, sometimesrepparttar 137836 loss of ground is not apparent until years later. You can get trapped in a black hole and frustrated that your career is not advancing to full potential. Ever feel imprisoned in positions that lacked adequate reward, satisfaction, challenge or a future? There are many reasons for these job jails:

• You’ve become too specialized. • You’ve become too generalized. • You failed to look ahead and plan forrepparttar 137837 future. • You held out too long hoping forrepparttar 137838 “right break.” • You accepted jobs that never made use of your best talents. • You remain too long in positions that offered no challenge or mobility.

Use these seven job search marketing hacks and you’ll get in front of decision makers faster. What’s a “hack?” A “hack” is a clever solution to an interesting problem, so saysrepparttar 137839 experts at O’Reilly Media, Inc., a leading-edge book publisher that offers cool technology workarounds on everything from navigating Google and eBay to digital photography and gaming. Hacks arerepparttar 137840 “down and dirty” of getting a task done. Your mission here is to get a great job, high on adventure, low on headache.

Hack #1: Knowrepparttar 137841 job market. Locate and identify geographic employment hot spots. Search out emerging industries. Grow up and ditchrepparttar 137842 pabulum of pursuing comfortable industries that are on their way to obsolescence.

Hack #2: Know your functional and industry options and employers’ needs in these areas. Pinpoint your top three positioning (career focus) alternatives to what you’re now doing. Findrepparttar 137843 chief five employers that serve that market segment.

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