Copywriting for the Non-English-Speaking Audience

Written by Amrit Hallan

The power ofrepparttar Internet lies in its global pervasiveness. It is practically everywhere. People of all languages accessrepparttar 108199 Net from all overrepparttar 108200 globe. Just think of it as an infinite vastness for your business and marketing possibilities. Your marketing potential is directly proportional torepparttar 108201 number of people who can understand your message.

Keeprepparttar 108202 following points in your mind while writingrepparttar 108203 copy for a non-English-speaking audience:


Keep your sentences short. Keeprepparttar 108204 language simple. Donít use phrases that depend onrepparttar 108205 previous knowledge of English, such as ďleapfroggingĒ.


Heavy or slangish words intimidate people who do not speak much English. Ifrepparttar 108206 language becomes hard to understand, it drawsrepparttar 108207 attention away fromrepparttar 108208 intended message. Use words that are very common and require no endeavor onrepparttar 108209 part ofrepparttar 108210 reader. But donít use them in a way that people who have sufficient knowledge of English end up feeling offended. Be simple, sound natural, but do not condescend.


Regional nuances play an important part in brand awareness. Try to stir up feelings intrinsic torepparttar 108211 local populace. For instance, if you are preparing a copy forrepparttar 108212 Chinese audience, use some Chinese anecdote while explaining something. I remember when Pepsi came to India they tried to associate themselves with many local products and occasions. Most of their products couldnít compete withrepparttar 108213 local brands (withrepparttar 108214 exception ofrepparttar 108215 soft-drink), butrepparttar 108216 localization surely helped. The same happens with your copy.

Why Dream Merchants Make More Money

Written by Joanne L. Mason

Why Dream Merchants Make More Money Copyright 2001, Joanne L. Mason

Want to knowrepparttar secret to creating your best sales letter ever? All ofrepparttar 108198 classic copywriters have said for ages that when you help someone else achieve their dreams that youíll never run out of customers.

Itís true. Dream merchants always make more money. A dream merchant is someone who knows how to help you achieve your dreams. He understandsrepparttar 108199 dream that youíre pursuing and can offerrepparttar 108200 necessary tools to make your dream a reality. He also knows thatrepparttar 108201 fastest way to achieve his own goals is by helping you reach yours.

Think about it in everyday terms. Consider going on your dream vacation. No travel agent would ever just tell you how much a ticket to your desired location is going to cost you. Instead,repparttar 108202 agentís job is to sell your dream.

Travel offices are plastered with breath-taking posters of exotic locations from every corner ofrepparttar 108203 globe. Whether you want to bask onrepparttar 108204 sunny beaches of Jamaica or skirepparttar 108205 snowcapped-mountains of Montana, your travel agent can get you there. Whatís more, byrepparttar 108206 time that your agent finishes painting a glorious picture of fun and relaxation in your head, youíll be so excited that you wonít care what it costs as long as you get there.

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