Copywriting Successes and Failures: A Comparison Of the Good and Bad

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2002

It’s about 7:00am and time to start my day. While my exact routine varies, one ofrepparttar first things I always do is check email. Asrepparttar 108181 flood rolls in, I have my finger poised onrepparttar 108182 delete button… aimed and ready to fire. But then something catches my eye.

On this morning, I decided to take a closer look at one email in particular. That led me to also lend a critical eye to some other ads as well. So below, I’ll give you my evaluation of a few ofrepparttar 108183 many email ads I’ve received… which ones got my attention, which ones I just rolled my eyes at… and why.

Attention Getter

Here’s one that is well targeted, indeed! The headline read: “Inquiry About Becoming An Affiliate.” That got my attention because my copywriting course does have an affiliate program. I’m always interested in adding new affiliates torepparttar 108184 group. So I read on.

Part ofrepparttar 108185 message is below:


Good morning. I would like to inquire about possibly working with you and your company on an affiliate basis.

My company maintains a fresh, 100%, opt-in email database exceeding 15,000,000 qualified consumers. These consumers have specifically requested to receive purchase information regarding your product(s) or service(s).

If you're interested, I would be glad to speak with you about a cost-per-action (CPA) email campaign that WILL make additional sales and generate alternative revenue.


Whilerepparttar 108186 generic line about my product(s) or service(s) let me know immediately that this was a “canned” ad, it still gave me something to think about. Did I respond? Yes! Why? If I could getrepparttar 108187 copywriting course in front of over 15,000,000, and payrepparttar 108188 same affiliate commission I was paying anyway, what would I have to lose?

Rolling My Eyes

However, amongrepparttar 108189 pile of emails were some real duds. I must get 10 of these ridiculous emails a week. You’ve no doubt seen them, too. They say something like “I joined this program a few months ago and promptly forgot about it.” Oh please!

Why did I roll my eyes at this one? While it started off good, it wasn’t punchy enough to get me to respond right away. That’s no major crime. It often takes repeated exposure ofrepparttar 108190 same message to get a good response. But… when you getrepparttar 108191 exact same message from several different people 3 or 4 times a day – you find out quickly that this is an overused ad, not a personal recommendation.

Swipe Your Way To Success (Legally!)

Written by Paula Morrow

Every successful direct mail expert has one. Same withrepparttar online experts who continually pull inrepparttar 108180 big numbers.

What is it? The infamous 'swipe file.' Have you started yours?

Every so often, you're faced with a blank computer screen and a deadline - your ezine is due, your sales letter needs to be posted, your ad needs to be submitted.

And your mental batteries are completely dead. You're suffering from total and complete writers block. Butrepparttar 108181 clock keeps ticking.

This is when you turn to your trusty 'swipe' file for inspiration. For a killer headline idea or theme. For a power word or two.

Now, I'm not saying steal someone else's work, word for word. That's plagiarism, and can get you in a lot of hot water. What you use a swipe file for is inspiration -repparttar 108182 catalyst to help jump start your brain.

Inrepparttar 108183 offline world, for those inrepparttar 108184 know, 'junk' mail is really treasure in disguise. You receive free, every day, new ideas for future pitches. Look through and pull outrepparttar 108185 offers,repparttar 108186 headlines,repparttar 108187 pieces that really catch your eye, engage your emotions and make you want to buy.

Then file them away for that mental rainy day.

Dan Kennedy, I understand, has rows of file cabinets full of these treasures, just waiting to be used.

The online world hasrepparttar 108188 equivalent in spam. Yes, a silver lining for spam! As with junk mail, look atrepparttar 108189 headlines, look atrepparttar 108190 offers. Saverepparttar 108191 ones you feel most powerful.

I have files called 'solo ads,' 'great headlines,' 'new product pitches,' 'pitches for affiliate programs' ... you getrepparttar 108192 idea.

A Word About Headline Inspiration...

Your headline swipe file is worth its weight in gold. Start building this resource immediately if you've not already done so. The headline isrepparttar 108193 key to unlocking an email, and some could argue it isrepparttar 108194 most important part of your offer.

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