Copywriting Makeover: Making An Emotional Connection - Part 1 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004

One statistic shows that over 80% of all buying decisions are emotional. That means your copywriting should be, too. This is something I firmly believe in and have preached for most of my copywriting career. However, all too often, I find people skippingrepparttar vital step of making an emotional connection with their customers. That can be a tragic, and costly, mistake.

That’s why I was excited when I hadrepparttar 108072 opportunity to rewriterepparttar 108073 homepage copy for a vacation cruise service. Whilerepparttar 108074 copy they used previously gave allrepparttar 108075 details and got them a good number of bookings, it just didn’t have what it takes to make me start daydreaming about my next cruise. It didn’t… but it was about to!

The Problems

The previous copy onrepparttar 108076 Cruise Vacation Center home page faced a couple of challenges. (You can viewrepparttar 108077 original copy at this link: The copy was very company-oriented instead of customer-oriented. It talked about who Cruise Vacation Center (CVC) is, whyrepparttar 108078 visitor should buy from them, and some wonderful benefits CVC offers its clients including excellent bargain rates and extra discounts. However, allrepparttar 108079 verbiage was geared towardrepparttar 108080 company. The customer was left out.

The home page copy also lacked emotion. It was very matter-of-fact. In addition to making visitors aware ofrepparttar 108081 wonderful prices and deals CVC offered, I wanted to create a vision forrepparttar 108082 site visitors. I wanted to give them what they needed in order to float off into a daydream about fabulous ports-of-call; warm, gentle breezes; and thrilling adventures.

While I was painting a picture ofrepparttar 108083 vacation of a lifetime, I also had to be sure to include a vital fact. CVC’s business plan was set up to be most affordable forrepparttar 108084 customer when s/he booked online. Without sounding rude, I had to do everything in my power to getrepparttar 108085 site visitor to book their cruise vacation while atrepparttar 108086 site. This was an extremely important issue and a point that needed to be woven throughoutrepparttar 108087 copy.

Copywriting Makeover: Making An Emotional Connection - Part 2 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004

In part one of this article series we began looking atrepparttar Cruise Vacation Center site: a travel site whose copy was sorely lacking in emotional appeal and visual imagry. (You can seerepparttar 108071 previous version ofrepparttar 108072 copy here: Inrepparttar 108073 conclusion, you’ll see how allrepparttar 108074 rewrite turned out and how excitingrepparttar 108075 end results have been.

The Rewrite

It took me a while to get started on this copy. Before I began writing, I wanted to really be inrepparttar 108076 mood. I played around onrepparttar 108077 vacation search feature of CVC’s site and read all about some ofrepparttar 108078 places I have always wanted to go. I took my time and let my imagination run wild while reading aboutrepparttar 108079 ports-of-call,repparttar 108080 activities, andrepparttar 108081 ship’s amenities.

When people shop for vacations, they are typically interested in what they’ll get first and they worry aboutrepparttar 108082 price second. They want to feel and senserepparttar 108083 experience of a vacation while reading about it on a website or in a brochure. It sort of falls intorepparttar 108084 same category as copywriting for brides.

Getting married, for most people anyway, is a limited experience. It’s not something you do every day. While a bride may be working on a budget, she still loves to seerepparttar 108085 $10,000 Donna Karan gowns and imagine herself in one. The same holds true for those planning a vacation.

You usually only go on one vacation/holiday a year. That’s why we dream. It’s a limited experience. Something we plan for and look forward to for months on end. So, while a vacation planner may not choose to buyrepparttar 108086 king-sized, master, grand suite, all-inclusive, five-star vacation trip aroundrepparttar 108087 world, s/he sure has fun reading about it and imagining it. Why do you think shows like “Lifestyles ofrepparttar 108088 Rich and Famous” are so popular?

Once I’d filled my mind with everything wonderful about cruise vacations, I was ready to tacklerepparttar 108089 copy.

Keyphrase inclusion was simple on this page. There was just one keyphrase, cruise vacation. I used bothrepparttar 108090 singular and plural forms throughoutrepparttar 108091 text. My challenge withrepparttar 108092 SEO aspect ofrepparttar 108093 copywriting was to keeprepparttar 108094 balance.

Normally, when there is just one keyphrase, there is a very high tendency by most people to ram, shove, and squeezerepparttar 108095 phrase into every nook and cranny ofrepparttar 108096 copy. I beg you… resist that urge! As you’ll see shortly, SEO copywriting is NOT about forcing keyphrases into every possible slot.

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