Copywriting Makeover: It’s Not About YOU, It’s About THEM

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2003

I’ve always loved scented candles. They help create a cozy atmosphere. They give you a relaxed feeling. And - most importantly - they make your home smell wonderful! So, naturally, I was excited when I was approached to rewriterepparttar index (front) page for an online retailer who made specialty, soy scented candles.

The goals ofrepparttar 108133 copywriting rewrite were to increase sales and improve search engine positioning forrepparttar 108134 terms “soy candles,” and “scented candles.” The copy definitely needed some work. It wasn’t “bad,” but it had one major thing holding it back. The copy violated one ofrepparttar 108135 primary rules of copywriting. “It’s not about you… it’s about them.”

An additional problem was thatrepparttar 108136 information - while definitely necessary - was presented as more of a list of nuts and bolts. It needed a boost to create a “feeling” aboutrepparttar 108137 candles for sale.

The Problem

As you can see fromrepparttar 108138 original version,,repparttar 108139 copy either focused onrepparttar 108140 company orrepparttar 108141 candles. Very little ofrepparttar 108142 copy focused onrepparttar 108143 customer.

Another element that was “off” inrepparttar 108144 copy wasrepparttar 108145 lack ofrepparttar 108146 “experience.” Site owner Dan Fehn had some fabulous research data about scented candle buyers, however he did not know to include that information when writing.

Lastly, while Illuminous Times had fairly good search engine rankings, there was room for improvement.

The Solution

The data I received includedrepparttar 108147 following information fromrepparttar 108148 National Candle Association.

Candle industry research indicates thatrepparttar 108149 most important factors affecting candle sales are scent, color, cost and shape. Fragrance is by farrepparttar 108150 most important characteristic, with three-fourths of candle purchasers saying it is "extremely important" or "very important" in their selection of a candle forrepparttar 108151 home.

Candle manufacturers' surveys show that 96% of all candles purchased are bought by women.

Nine out of ten candle users say they use candles to make a room feel comfortable or cozy.

This wasrepparttar 108152 basis forrepparttar 108153 copywriting makeover. As a scented candle lover myself, I knew for a fact what women wanted from candles. I understoodrepparttar 108154 candle buying experience and played on that knowledge to create copy that “romanced”repparttar 108155 site visitor and increasedrepparttar 108156 desire to buy.

"3 Quick Tips To Becoming An Instant Copywriting Genius"

Written by Ewen Chia

Copywriting isrepparttar ONE skill that will turn words into cash, and it's really repparttar 108132 one thing you must learn if you're thinking of selling anything at all.

From traditional direct mail and now to repparttar 108133 internet,repparttar 108134 power of words has already made millionaires out of ordinary folks like you and me!

Successful copywriters know this. That's why they charge exorbitant fees for their services, which will no doubt still be money well invested.

The good news is, you can have this power too. You can write your own sales- pulling copy everytime - if you knowrepparttar 108135 'tricks'.

Well read on and I'll reveal to you 3 jealously-guarded tips that can turn you into a copywriting genius quickly...

(1) Start A Sales Letter 'Swipe File'

Simply start collecting winning sales letters AND emails into a 'swipe file' that you can refer to for :

* Your own education

* As an 'idea generator' for your copy

* As inspiration and motivation

You'll find this 'swipe file' invaluable to writing your own killer copy. Successful copywriters literally swear by this method in creating awesome sales letters.

(2) Write As If You're Your Own Prospect

The real secret to copywriting genius is to get into your propect's mind and encourage action at will.

Andrepparttar 108136 best way to do this is by becoming your prospects!

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