Copywriting Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004

I was in shock. Honestly, I shook my head when I read his email. I meant no disrespect; I just couldn’t believe he really felt that way.

“Karon, I want you to writerepparttar sales letter for my site. How much will it cost me?” read his note. After looking at his home page and evaluating his target audience, I didn’t feel a sales letter would berepparttar 108094 best type of copy for his site. When I sent him my suggestion he replied with something alongrepparttar 108095 lines of, “No sales letter? What other kind of copy is there?”

Was he a fan of sales letters? No, not especially. Did his question come with a sarcastic tone? No, it was a genuine question. A lot of what he had been exposed to online was sales letters. So much so that he thought this wasrepparttar 108096 *only* type of copy to have on a website. That’s what allrepparttar 108097 “gurus” were telling him, so it must be true. Even though he had been to countless sites that did not have sales letters, he never realizedrepparttar 108098 differences.

I pointed him to several sites that had a wide range of copy to show him some ofrepparttar 108099 other styles.

Catalog Copy - (one of my favorite types to write!)

Long Sales Copy -

Short Sales Copy -

Brochure Copy -

Shopping Cart Copy - (works especially well for books)

Getting that Magical Click

Written by Fazly Mohamed

This article explains how to get people to click through to your targeted web page. We definerepparttar targeted webpage to be your ‘profit page’ – be it a page of your own or one of your affiliate sales pages – any page that hasrepparttar 108093 potential to earn money for you. Getting traffic torepparttar 108094 targeted page isrepparttar 108095 most important thing you need to do whether you are a marketing pro or a newbie inrepparttar 108096 world of web marketing. You need traffic (and their money..) to play with.

NOTE: Make sure your sales page does its job perfectly. We won’t bother about making any sales here – all we will focus herein is, to directrepparttar 108097 visitors torepparttar 108098 sales page –repparttar 108099 sales page should dorepparttar 108100 rest. Many affiliate sales pages do a fantastic job in makingrepparttar 108101 sale, but if it's your own sales page, it would be better to take sometime and make sure its in good shape.

If you have any marketing experience on Internet, you know how difficult it is to get some exposure to your ad – be it an email ad, a small ad running under an article you write on a webpage, or a small classified ad. Exposure is defined here as getting your ad visible torepparttar 108102 users – that is, getting them just to ‘see’ your ad. This will cost you good money in most cases. Butrepparttar 108103 most annoying thing after putting in some great effort and investment to get your ads appear in front ofrepparttar 108104 visitors' eyes is, to see them click away. You must makerepparttar 108105 maximum use of this hardly earned ad space.

By following a simple strategy, you can dramatically increaserepparttar 108106 clicks to your page. Remember – we are only bothered about makingrepparttar 108107 visitor ‘click’ torepparttar 108108 site -repparttar 108109 site should dorepparttar 108110 rest.

Follow this simple 2-step formula.

1 – Killer Initial Appearance Line 2 – Develop Interest and PUSH torepparttar 108111 site

NOTE: The discussions may consider one or two niches such as email ads, pop up ads etc. But you can easily apply this formula to any kind of promotional material you use, once you master it.

1 – Killer Initial Appearance Line ----------------------------------------- Getrepparttar 108112 attention ofrepparttar 108113 reader – This isrepparttar 108114 most important thing. If you fail this step, you loserepparttar 108115 game early. This step stressesrepparttar 108116 importance ofrepparttar 108117 initial appearance ofrepparttar 108118 message torepparttar 108119 visitors. Putting it simply, it could berepparttar 108120 subject line of an email message orrepparttar 108121 first line of a classified or popup ad. You must makerepparttar 108122 visitor ‘wanting to find out more’.

Let’s say that you encounter emails in your inbox with one ofrepparttar 108123 following subjects.

1. Great Digital Camera Offer 2. Featured Digital Camera This Week 3. Make Your Photos Speak and Sparkle 4. Fine Photos Ever Shine 5. Revolutionary Digital Camera For This Holiday 6. Cheap Digital Camera - Special Holiday Offer

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